Freehand Purple Starry Skies & Tree Silhouette

Allo polish Pals!

Come, sit down and help yourself to a cup of tea/coffee! How are you doing today?
Is there much going on with you? I'll be starting my day with a 3 mile dance-walk DVD (For the good all day feels!) followed by the boring housework stuff..but then.. I have two ideas sketched out and I am roaring to get going on some nails!

Today's manicure was inspired by the picture, it was very kindly sent to me by a lovely lady named Gill who is also in the nail community (TC, If you'd like the doorway to a loving fun filled nail art community just let me know!) I have become very attached to, Thanks Gill!

I accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm and while the end result does differ to the original picture I do really like it!

For this manicure I began with OPI's 'Nail Envy' and followed on with two coats of DA's '103'. I allowed this to dry and began using my acrylic paints to lay down different shades of purples and pinks. I added the silhouette with black and grey shades and went one step extra by adding stars because.. You know me guys, I love my starry sky nail art! I finished it all off with my Pro-FX quick dry top coat. I also tried this manicure matte (Does it seem like I am obsessed with matting everything?!) With Barry M's Matte topcoat.

So I am kinda pleased with this one, I feel like it looks quite arty!

What do you think of this nail art? Do you prefer the matte or glossy version?
I hope you guys have a wonderful start to the week, Lets catch up on Wednesday? :)



  1. I think I prefer it matte but I do like both versions a lot. Great job.

  2. Wow..*_* Wow...*_* Wow...*_* I looooveeee itttt! <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm not sure whether I prefer it matte or glossy. Maybe I like it matte a little bit more!
    Anyway, it's amazing as usual Ithi!

  4. OMG, Ithi, this is gorgeous!!! Like the other commenters I like both version, matte because... well... matte ;) and glossy because the colors appear richer, more deep, or something like that. Matte or glossy, it looks amazing either way :)

  5. fantastic art! I love both versions :)

  6. What a magic nail art you've done!

  7. Wow, the night sky came out just perfect. This is a stunner manicure!

  8. Love this one too and I like the matte version :)


  9. I like very much the matt version! :D

  10. I can't choose a favourite, I like this mani both ways! That background is mesmerizing!

  11. I love this manicure both ways :)
    So beautiful... I LOVE the colors :)


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