Inspire! Freehand Chalkboard Doodles

Allo polish Pals!

How are well all doing today? Yesterday was AWESOME. I've been feeling like I've been kinda just stuck in the house a lot lately.. Yesterday I had a girl date with Mr Bravo's sister, we went out shopping, stopped for lunch and while eating lunch she asked me if I'd ever want to get my ears pierced. Guys, I'm 27... I know I am so behind with this..but I did it and I freaking love my ears now!! People in the store where laughing at me, of course its probably rather weird to go into a Dutch store and have a strong Somerset (Kinda farmer-like)  English accent blurting out "Omg I LOVE MY EARS!!" when I got up and looked at my ears in the mirror I basically lost control of my words, mouth and face, my limbs just did their own thing at the time. Call it a whole-being malfunction!
Today's manicure is... not the tidiest, I do apologize. It does have a rather cool chalk-board look about it though.

I feel more optimistic about the upcoming nail art though... Nail art of me is like holding onto sand, I always try hard but if I too many grains slip from my hand (Probably where I just need a break from sitting and painting) it comes out kinda... half assed looking than when my hand is full of sand. Eventually when I have barely any sand left in my hand I have to just let it go (and this how I make nail art like this.. :/) so I can take another hand and create things I am really happy with.. Wow.. wasn't that deeply profound?! Enough of my mouth-smoosh!

For this manicure I began with a coat of my favorite base, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry I applied two coats of Catrice's 'Into The Blue' nail polish. I then took my white acrylic and created all sorts of patterns and my writing (I am always scared of writing on my nail as I think mistakes just seem glaringly obvious, I am sure my e is wonky!) Next I moved onto coloured acrylics and began filling in my white patterns. I finished off by adding my Pro-Fx top coat and decided to matte the whole thing..just because I can!

What do you think of my chalky rainbow doodles? Are you a fan of letters on your nails?

Have a wonderful day, See you on Tuesday!


  1. This is so so so gorgeous, oh my gosh! Your lines are crisp and your colours are bright and I just love it all so much! Great job!

  2. Congrats on ears piercing :D I wear earrings myself and love it.
    Funny and lovely nail art too :)

  3. I adore the chalkboard look and the colors you chose. The lines are perfect. Congrats on getting your ears pierced. In Italy parents tend to do it so soon, especially in the south, and I hate it. I took out my earrings when I was about thirteen and never looked back ;)

  4. What a colorful nail art! You've done a great job here *__*

  5. lollll...hahhahha...I am laughing here so much after reading your ear piercing incidence...You are sweet and funny! And I just love this chalkboard nails! Actually those colors are making this mani different then a regular chalkboard nails! Love it! :-)

  6. This is ao awesome Ithi! I love it! I do prefer the glossy version ♥
    It's great you like your newly pierced ears so much :) I love wearing earrings, but right now my baby loves to grasp my jewelry and it becomes kind of painful LOL, so I stopped wearing jewellery but it's only for a while

  7. And I thought I was late piercing my ears when I was 15, great that you've done it :D
    The doodles ale amazing, so creative and inspiring <3

  8. I looooooooove this design ♥ It's so colourful and fun, awesome!

    I also loved to read your story about getting your ears pierced, so sweet :) I got my first two earrings when I was like.. 4 years? And now I have 16 :-p haha but now there's no more space on my ears.

  9. I think this is so beautiful!

  10. These doodles and colours are so bright and cheerful!


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