Pink, Orange And Teal Waves - Acrylic Gradient

Allo polish Pals!

Welcome to the weekend, my friends!
Do you have any nice plans for this weekend?  I'm looking forward to a really intense workout;
Last week I did great pushing myself and getting back into it - yesterday I didn't get to workout and I really felt like I had missed something. I like the energized feeling!

Today I have one of my weird looking acrylic-gradients (I can't think what else I'd call them) and quite an unusual colour combination once again, although I actually rather like these colours together. It grew on me! Personally it makes me think of deep sea... corals, mermaids...Opps, I'm day dreaming again.

For this manicure I began with my all time beloved OPI's 'Nail envy' (because my nails never thank me more than when they are being cared for with this top coat) I then applied two coats of piCture pOlish's 'Marine'. The rest was really just created with acrylic paints, I should film more things instead of being able to hardly tell you anything! BUT HOW?! I move my fingie's SO much!

My dear friend Andreea said these colours reminded her of Aladdin, does this remind you of anything?

How do you feel about this colour combination? Do you like my acrylic-gradient manicures?

Have a lovely Monday, lets catch up again on Wednesday? :)



  1. I love these colors together! The gradient looks great next to that blue... yep, one very pretty manicure as far as I'm concerned :)

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce! I just find these so relaxing to create, ha :)

  2. I was thinking of Aladdin too! OMG! Love the gradient and the contrast between the purples and the teal. Great look, Ithi!

    1. Ohhh great minds think alike, huh?! Thank you so much :)

  3. Gorgeous mani, I love how these colours look together <3

  4. Beautiful nail art and I really love the unusual color combo!

  5. I love these colors together! It kind of reminds me of Venus :)

  6. This is too good. Kinda matched with the gradients of your blog banner :)


  7. This is so lovely :)
    I love the combination of colors and the gold dots :)
    Truly stunning :)


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