Ciaté: Holiday Blues Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Half way through another week, already! Have you done anything exciting?

I tested out my new cycle yesterday, I'm quite bad at stopping as the breaks seem miles away from the handle bars (I've just got really small hands) but it was lovely zipping along the bike roads with the sun and the beautiful breeze. Ahh :)

Today I've got a polish that seems inappropriately named for this time of year, but its such a beautiful polish that surely it can't just be for certain seasons! This is Ciaté's 'Holiday Blues'. Excuse how my cuticles are looking... I'm using gloves for housework but maaaaan...They need a vacation. So do I :)

Colour ~ Holiday Blues' is a beautiful bright sky/candy blue crème, I love this shade personally as a blue fan because it looks so...creamy, like cake frosting! It also reminds me quite a lot of Zoya's 'Yummy'.

Application ~ I had a really good experience with this polish; I was in full on swatch-a-thon mode so I applied my two coats and top coat pretty quickly yet I still didn't get any streaking and problematic bubbles. It has a pretty fair dry time too, It's not lightening quick but I wasn't waiting for hours.

Texture ~ I'd say this is a crème, it applies very smoothly and dries to a very high glossed and smooth finish....Still makes me think of cake frosting though!

Recommend it to a friend? Yes, its a really pretty crème, a great base for certain freehand nail art and all other types of nail art. A great one to pick up if your limited on blues for your collection.

★★★★★/5 Can't help it, I completely adore it. I do love my blues though... But besides that it has more pro's than cons backing it up. Holiday Blues, is it really a seasonal polish? All I see when I look at this polish is fluffy clouds and blue skies, Hi summer, you came early!

What do you guys think of this shade of blue? Are you a Ciaté fan?

I'm off for a spin on Doris-Rosita! Yes.. her name grew slightly lol.
Have a wonderful day, I'll catch you on Friday...the 13th!!



  1. It looks flawless and very very attractive! <#

  2. such a beautiful baby blue. Definitely a winner for me :D

  3. Lovely color and it looks great on you :)
    Hehe, riding a bike is my favorite way of transportation. I haven't named mine though... but I do pat the saddle every now and then when we've taken the long route home ;)

  4. It's a very pretty blue. I haven't had any Ciates yet :O

  5. It looks very nice :) I have one very light blue Ciate and I love it ;-)


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