Freaky Friday The 13th! Black Cat Stamping And Dry Brush

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today, are you looking forward to the weekend?

So today is Friday the 13th which means absolutely nothing to me, I'm not a very superstitious person (except on the journey to Mr Bravo's Nan's house where I have to see two specific things on route – I know, I'm quirky. If I don't see them I feel like its going to impact the day, lol.)

As you guys also probably know by now..I am a crazy cat lady without an actual cat. I do however have a beautiful boy in England called Mars, short for Marshall who is a black, shiny and so sweet. He lives with my parents and I know he is spoiled, pampered and cared for well, so while I miss him I know I don't have to worry too much.

I read recently that black cats can be chosen from pounds/rescue centers last simply because of the superstition surrounding black cats... I think this is so sad, Mars is just as lovable and loving as any cat could be, so I wanted to celebrate the 13th by doing black cat nails, because they are just as awesome.. Down with cat discrimination!

Mars as a kitten, d'aww!
For this manicure I began with my usual base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry (the blink of an
eye) I applied two coats of Catrice's 'The Sky So Fly'. On my ring finger and middle finger I decided to do some black cat stamping using Born Pretty Store's Black stamping polish (Click this to see my review) and the awesome BPL-025 stamping plate also from the Born Pretty Store.
On my remaining nails I did some dry brushing with Claire's 'Splash', Mary Kay's 'Blue Lotus' and the purple shades from the Essence 'Wake Up, Spring! Tie Die set.

To complete the manicure I added a black border using acrylic paint and topped it all off with a coat of my Pro-FX top coat.

What do you think of my stamped nails? Do you have any superstitions?
Have a wonderful weekend, come visit again on Sunday for a new nail art adventure! :)



  1. The stamping pattern is sooo cute! And Mars is simply adorable ♡

  2. I am not a superstitious person either. but there are tons of superstitious saying here.
    the stamping, its very cute. I love the dry brush technique. its new to me :D

  3. Usually I'm not very superstitious but when I have to do an exam? Oh boy... everything has to be done in a certain order and a certain way or I'll turn into a nervous wreck! (fortunately I have the most patient and understanding husband who silently suffers through those days ;) I've never been afraid of black cats though. I used to have two until they passed away (from old age) and the aforementioned husband has a cat allergy so no cats anymore for me :(
    I LOVE your dry brushing! That's something I still have to try out. It looks so easy to do but for some reason I never think of it when I'm trying to come with ideas for a new manicure...

  4. kind regard for your big family, black cat , German Shepard..
    i like this many so much ! and sending you huge hug, dear friend

  5. Awww...he is so adorable! And equally adorable is your manicure!

  6. Black cats are adorable!
    I love your mani, it's really pretty!
    Cat-lady, yay!


  7. What a pretty and well done manicure!!!

  8. I love that we are both crazy cat ladies, and i love these nails!

  9. I'm not superstitious and I like all the cats, black ones included ;)
    The stamping is so adorable!! :D

  10. That's so adorable, I love cats <3


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