Freehand Acrylic-Gradient Rainbow Swirls!

Allo polish Pals!

How are we all doing today? Happy Tuesday to you!  Have you been up to anything exciting so far this week? I've had some more bike adventures, finding new places and exploring more than I was able to previously. Me and Doris-Rosita are getting a long just great! I've also been playing with more Nicole Diary water decals and combining stamping with other techniques! FUN!

Today I am showing you a manicure that was created a few weeks ago, I really had fun with this, taking pictures of it in its many stages. It may look pretty simple but I can assure you a lot of hard work went into this one. I tried to get proper gradients through all the colours inside the swirls, not an easy job with such little room. There are a few places where the colours don't blend seamlessly but I'd say its a pretty fine effort considering! 

For this manicure I began with my usual base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and from there applied two coats of Essence's 'Rebel At heart' and once dry I created some circles randomly along my nails with white acrylic paint. I began to fill these in with 'slices' of colour, adding red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple slices to each circle. Next came the time consuming task of trying to blend each of the colours together to create a coloured wheel. I then outlined my coloured balls and added a swirl to the center of each one. I finished up by adding some random lines here and there, applying my Pro-FX top coat to seal it all in and finally.. just because I can – added a matte top coat (I desperately need a new one, argh!)

To your left you can see how this started out, step one looks kinda like pizza..or sushi, baha. I added a trianlge of each colour to the circles, in the next picture you can see I tried to blend all those colours together in a sort of 'prism' rainbowy way.

So I really like how this turned out, its.. different; I know I seem to have an obsession with rainbows lately, I'm not sure what's happened but they seem to come easy!

What do you think of my rainbow swirls? Are you a fan of rainbow nails?

Have a wonderful day, come stop by on Thursday for more nail art fun!


  1. It seems there was a lot of work and the result is spectacular!

  2. I like the combination of bright colors in contrast with black. Very nice design.

  3. Wow. I absolutely love everything about this manicure. Love the contrast. the gradient is brilliant :D

  4. What a pretty and colourful manicure! It is wonderful!

  5. As always I love them. I love bright colors...

  6. Wow...It's so original! Love it so much! Added in my to do list! ^_^

  7. wow these are so gorgeous, what a fun, striking look!

  8. The nail art is particular and unusual and I like it a lot!!! :D

  9. You always come up with the best colour combos!


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