Freehand Mountain Scene and Orca Whales

Allo polish Pals!

How was your weekend? Do you feel revived and ready to take on the new week?
I continued with my walking and while I was very unwell on Saturday I had a fabulous Sunday with all my Dutch family coming over to celebrate Mr Bravo's Mother for Mothers day.

I also...I'm still shocked at this, received a beautiful pink and blue bicycle. I had absolutely no idea and it is so wonderful as it gives me a little more freedom and independence. I can also just go for a ride if I don't feel like doing a walk. This bike is very different to the English bikes I had growing up so tomorrow I will go on a test drive. Considering my feet don't touch the floor when I sit on the seat I could end up in a hedge! By the way, I called her Doris!

Today I have a manicure that I killed! I was really happy with everything until I overloaded it with top coat and caused the worst bubbles I've ever had the privilege to see on my nails. You guys know how fussy and hard I can be with my creations... In the past I would scrap things and start over if I felt it wasn't good enough to show you guys and while I still want to only upload the best... I can think rationally that..”I put a lot of hard work into this, I spent a lot of time over it and I did really like it” so.. I'm going to share it anyway. Isn't that a personal improvement?! Lol. :)

I started with my usual base of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry I added two coats of Essie's 'Tart Deco' and allowed to dry. From there I began to fill out the sky by using my acrylic paints to make a gradient with pinks and yellows. I added my trees and mountains (I clearly need some practice at mountains) finally I added the water and the Orca whales. I then proceeded to drown this piece of art in top coat. Its not even the top coats fault, It is my fave top coat which doesn't normally do this. I just... flooded it like it was the real sea. Opps.

Besides the bubbles I am still really happy with the effort I put in for this manicure, I know I worked hard and tried new things so the challenge was great.

What do you think of my whaley manicure? Have you ever had any topcoat disasters?

Have a beautiful day my lovelies, Lets regroup on Wednesday, shall we? :)


  1. Loved it. magnificent as always :D Yes whenever the top coat reach half the bottle it start to produce bubble. Time to buy new one I guess :)

    1. Thank you so much, Upbeat Nails! This top coat is Pro-FX and comes in a huge salon bottle. I kinda don't believe its the top coat as it doesn't always happen, It must be something I am doing like using faaaaar too much. I find it hard to get the right amount but when this top coat does his job its amazing!

  2. The bubbles are not noticeable and I am glad that you didn't removed this gorgeous nail art before sharing with us! Have fun with Doris :))

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea! I am glad I shared it too, I can't believe how many manicures I spent hours working on in the past only to let them fade into the manicure abyss. Doris-Rosita (yes her name grew!) is a delight to ride on! xx

  3. What a pretty manicure my dear!♡♡♡

  4. WoW!!! This is beautiful



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