Nicole Diary Water Decal Review - Pt. 3

*Some of the following items were provided for me to review but as always I will give my full and honest opinion.
Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a great week so far. It feels like it is just flying by and as I had feared its passing before I am getting time to do everything...phew. Have you been busy or chilled so far this week? By the way, would you guys like a water decal tutorial? Or do you all think its pretty well addressed by now and that most people know how to use them?

Today I have two more sets of water decals to show you from Nicole Diary (By the way, they are also on Instagram and sometimes host giveaways) Again I have two entirely different sets and I like them both a lot!
Psst! Nicole Diary has kindly offered you guys a free gift worth upto $5 when you order from their Alliexpress/Amazon store and add the code: 'ITH2016' in your order note!
Our first set today is 'Nicole Diary-02' these stunning tropical looking water decals with peachy pink flowers and beautiful green palm (?) leaves. I personally feel like they scream Come on, summer! I would love these as accents for a beautiful vacation abroad. They contain a solid white background which means you can pretty much just go on and apply but I applied some NYC 'Williamsburg Vintage' white polish out habit..or compulsion, not sure which! I decided to pair them with a gradient using my white and Catrice's 'A Gallon Of Melon'. I added a very, very, almost not there ruffian with green acrylic just to tie it all together. I also added Catrice's 'Matte & More' which gave it a really nice but subtle shimmer – perfect in the sun!
Our second set today is  'Woman and Roses' (Nicole Diary-11) I am amazed with these!! These water decals do have a solid white background so I didn't need to fuss about what I would pair with it or put underneath. I love the anime style looking woman, she looks so elegant and mysterious! These are probably the rose decals I have liked the best out of the ones I have tried. There's something sort of... 'tattoo' like about them that I think makes them look cool. Yeah, I said cool!!..
On my ring finger accent nail I decided to pair these with Essie's 'Leading Lady' and a simple heart stud (regret, regret.)

I really love both of these decals, they are so entirely different that I can't really pick a favorite but I'll say... The first ones for the summer/vacation! Second for moody broody red manicures. Again, both of these are a dream to apply and any excess literally disappears at the touch of my remover brush so clean up is also really, really speedy!

Which of these water decal patterns do you like best? Are you a fan of decals on all nails or mixing and matching with accent nails?

Have a beautiful day my friends, I'll be back on Friday for something quite exciting (hopefully!)


  1. What a pretty water decals :D Loved both them. The red roses are beautiful :D

  2. Both are beautiful! I like water decals - they are so easy to use ;-)

  3. Very nice decals. I have on my nails today the matte Catrice top coat, which I think that works very well...I just need time to post the nails :)

  4. OMG!!! Such beautiful wraps them :)

  5. I love them all. Do we order from you here?

    1. Hi Sandy, not through me. I am just reviewing and demonstrating the nail decals. The links in the first section of the post are links to the stores (amazon/aliexpress - they have stores on both) I have left you a message on Tiny Canvas, if you need any more help please feel free to send me a message :) <3

  6. I love those tropical decals but prefer the second manicure!

  7. They are beautiful. My favourite is that tropical one! <3


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