Opalescent Flakie Nails And Freehand Diamonds

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? What is your weather been like so far this week for you? Its so fweakin' unpredictable here! One minute the sun is being its beautiful self and the next you can expect a horrendous down pour. I want to be out enjoying my walks but its hard to figure out how to dress!
I hope it is better where you are! I'm excited for a fun day out with my Sister-in-law!

Today I have a freehand design that had been floating around in my head for ages, I wanted to do something that had a sort of...precious stone or opalescent look to it, of course I had to add some freehand so I created some simple diamonds (I originally tried to paint big chunky 3D diamonds but that was an epic fail) and did my best to shade them to look like they stood out.

For this manicure I began my usual base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry added two coats of Catrice's 'The Sky So Fly' (far too in love with this shade!) Next I used a sandwich bag to smoosh on some of Catrice's 'St. Tropez' – an interesting white/pink opalescent/shell like shade that Mr Bravo surprised me with, I finally found a way to use it! I then added a little of Zoya's 'Maisie', a blue flakie polish which is one of my pride and joys within my collection.
I then used my acrylic paints and Edinburgh Realism brush from Fab Ur Nails to create my diamonds. I started with the basic shape and a medium blue. I then outlined one side to each of the diamonds with a light blue and repeated the process with a darker blue on the other sides of the diamonds. I added a little dab of Hema's 'Happy Silver' to the centers to give them a little more shimmer. I finished it all off with my Pro-FX top coat.

What do you think of my diamondy blue nails? Are you a fan of flakie nail polish?

Have a beautiful day and take care, I'll catch you on Thursday!


  1. I love the 3D effect - it is a wonderful mani!

  2. Wow the 3D effect is great, looks amazing! The weather here ist getting better, btw, but it's still pretty cold!

  3. And you made no mistake! It's something out of this nail art world! looooveee it and will definitely try this one day when I will dare to create something outstanding! <3 <3 <3

  4. I really like the 3D effect you obtained here and that shell like glow is gorgeous!

  5. I love the diamonds and there 3D effect. Blue shade is very cool as well


  6. Again great mani on your blog! I love 3D effect :) Finally I also have some nice weather, yuppie!

  7. You did great!! And I'm slightly green with envy now... I've tried to get my hands on Maisie for ages but haven't succeeded yet. I do have her sisters though, Chloe and Opal :)

  8. your shading/highlighting is perfect!

  9. Wow, that looks awesome <3


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