Nicole Diary Water Decal Review Part 5 [Final]

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Are you having a great week so far? I feel like I have nothing much to tell you... I'm just concerned with how fast these weeks are flying by. I've still not got any tickets booked to go home because I have to try and work out when I will be able to get to the airport or if anyone will be available (basically just waiting, which drives me crazy)... I don't really want to leave going home any longer. I've not seen my Niece and Nephew since January.. argh.

On a happier note.. Today I've got my final review for Nicole Diary water decals. Can you believe that these two mean that I have reviewed a total of 10 decals?! I have to say also these do not disappoint any more than the rest – I love them just as much!

You can also find Nicole Diary on Instagram to see how other people are wearing their stunning decals.
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The first decals I have for you are 'Nicole Diary – 06', these are beautiful, bright and bold water decals with a full pattern. The pattern features hearts, different shapes, dots and circles and more. I really love this pattern however it may be a little too full on for those who love subtle nail art – for that reason I would totally say it would be awesome as a ring finger accent paired with beautiful corresponding nail polishes. I decided to wear them on all my nails! Because that's me! I also added a layer of Catrice's 'Matte & More' which gave it a really beautiful subtle sheen – it also tamed down the pattern a little and made it less bold.

Our second set of decals for today are these stunning floral patterned decals, these are 'Nicole Diary – 30'. This is such a gorgeous pattern and very different from the first, the pattern contains dainty and elegant looking flowers in blue, navy and orange. Personally I think this is such a gorgeous design for the summer months. Can you imagine these over some sparkle? (why didn't I do that?!) I paired mine very randomly – confession – it was really late and really hot and I'd applied my decals and fallen in love with them but my inspiration for an accent nail was failing me. So I used a brush to create a sort of textured look..and stuck a sugar stud on... I guess we can say its..'different'.

The remaining parts of this decal will totally be going on my toes with glitter underneath – oh yeah!

Conclusion: After having tried 10 different sets I am really, truly and honestly very impressed. I love the creative and unique patterns (they've all been so different!) and I love their ease of application. I had less trouble with these decals than others I have done in the past. I really rate them.

So there we have it! All 10 water decals reviewed and adored! If you missed my previous reviews and would like to catch up you can read part 1, 2, 3 and 4 by clicking those numbers.

What do you think of these two very different decals, do you have a favorite? How would you wear these?

Have a gorgeous day, I hope you can enjoy some beautiful weather. I'll catch you on Friday!


  1. The second combo is amazing, I like it a lot :) The first one doesn't look bad either.

  2. I love the second water decals. First one is just not my type :)

  3. I love both of these! I hope you can plan a trip home soon :)

  4. Wow Ithi! How beautiful manis are they! And hope you get tickets booked soon!


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