Mermaid Nail Art Collaboration with The Fabulous Dani, IG: Stormysway79

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are all doing great, did you have an exciting weekend? Of course I know some of you are still celebrating July 4th so I hope you are having a fantastic time, stay safe and have fun!

Today's post has a little gooey warm spot in my heart because I got to collaborate with a really dear friend. I met Dani aka Stormysway79 on IG, around the beginning of the year when I was invited by another naily to join her Facebook page, Tiny Canvas. Dani owns the page and it is a wonderful community with a fantastic friendly vibe.

Dani does a fantastic job at keep the page going, posting optional weekly challenges (there's a new one each week and its not mandatory to enter but the themes are so good they end up giving me new ideas to paint!) Not only that, but Dani is also responsible for creating so many friendships in the nail community and for bringing people together. She works incredibly hard and I am so proud and happy to have met her! She's got a kickass sense of humor too ;)

So when she suggested doing a nail collaboration how could I resist?! Our chosen theme was mermaids, you'll see our inspiration picture below. I am in love with Dani's version! I can't say so much about mine, Haha, I struggled!
Dani's amazing version!
A close up of my version, which looks nothing like the inspiration...Baha..
 For my version of this nail art I began with my usual base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied Claire's 'Splash' (Suitably named for this mani, huh?) From there on I moved onto my acrylics and created a very rough and choppy background using blues and greens. I decided to do my mermaid on my thumb so I could try and fit more detail in... Probably the worst idea ever Because my fingers can't bend the way they need to to join her up.. so she looks a bit drunk!

I'm quite disappointed with how my version came out (this was my second attempt but I am still dealing with the blurry eyes so I will go easy on myself!) I'm so glad I did this collab because Dani is awesome and it was fun to do!

Don't forget to go check out her page, follow her! Give her some love, her freehand is fantastic!
If you are looking for a friendly place full of nail art, where you can post your nail art and join in weekly challenges (winner gets to have their art as the group header for the week) and make new nail art friends go take a look at Tiny Canvas.

How do you think we did? Have you had mermaid nails before?
Have a beautiful day, I'll catch you again on Monday!


  1. Wow....this is a dear collaboration for me too, as you two wonderful ladies did it! You both are awesome and I loved both the version! Well done! ^_^

  2. True, putting the mermaid on your thumb may not have been the best choice, but apart from that... Ithi, two thumbs up: your manicure looks great!! Especially the little seahorse is adorable :)

  3. They're both amazing! :) I definitely don't have the skill to pull off anything like that!

  4. Wow, you both did and awesome job, these manis are gorgeous <3

  5. Oh ith, much love to you! Was so much fun (& definitely a challenge!) Love you to the moon and back xo


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