Silver Seahorse's, Acrylic Gradient & A Full Studded Accent!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are going to have a fun weekend!

Apologies for today's post.. Its not the best thing ever.. I know.. I'm sorry and I was also supposed to be showing you Canada day nail art however I've been really stressed and short on time; I did them. Twice.. and then ruined them both in different ways :( So today I am showing you something from a while ago.. 

I have another one of my noob-stamping adventures today. I have to say, I feel like this looks like I didn't have a top coat on it... I'm sure I did though! I also don't have the best ever pictures as my camera ran out of battery.... Yeah I'm still not used to having to remember to charge it, baha, even though I've been using it since Christmas... Opps!

I started with my usual base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' which I swear by for long, strong, healthy nails. I began this nail art with a white base using NYC's 'Williamsburg Vintage'. I used two coats and allowed to dry. Next I used my acrylic paints and a brush to create a blue to green gradient. I'm sure this is much more time consuming than a good old polish/sponge gradient but I just feel like it looks a little more unique... I'm not sure, I like that I can mix the colours I want :) I then proceeded to stamp (not that badly?) using my Barry M 'Silver Foil' polish and the BPL-025 plate. For my ring finger... I just stuck lots of studs and gems on – not much else I can say about that, ha!

What do you think of my vibrant seahorse nail art? Yay or nay to full stud accents?!
I'm desperately working on posts to cover my time in England. If anyone wants to guest post during the two weeks hit me an email - A less stressed Ithi would have put up an application form weeeeks ago!

Have a beautiful weekend, I'll catch ya on Monday!!


  1. You're way too hard on yourself :) This looks very pretty and of course perfect for summer! (and I'm still jealous of your gorgeous brush gradients... I'll master them one day but for now I'll stick with a sponge ;)

  2. What a rich ring finer - yay!Pretty mani :)

  3. I love your mani, the seahorses on the gradient look very pretty and your accent nail is crazy, love that!

  4. I love that gradient! And look at the accent bling bling!

  5. I love this design, the gradient goes so well with silver <3

  6. love the gradient background and sliver stamping :)

  7. Ooo...I love that gradient! It's just perfect and you made it more beautiful with those silver seahorse! Love it! <3

  8. This is beautiful, your gradient is perfect and so is your stamping. I love that bling nail!


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