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Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you all had a great weekend, tell me one of your weekend highlights!  Mine was on Saturday when  I went out on the bicycle, I found an entirely new place called Wolvendijk - I had a lovely ride along the channel mouth seeing all sorts of nature and wildlife, sail boats and beautiful scenery. I looked it up later online and realized I must have cycled about 5 miles!
Today I have some very interesting Fantasy Crystal Ball Nail Jewelry from The Born Pretty Store to share with you.

These super cute crystal ball like studs come in a set of five, which I feel is plenty personally as I couldn't imagine wanting one on every finger! They come in varying colours including clear, yellow. Purple, pink and blue which is which I'm showing you here. They are approximately 4-4.5mm in size so perhaps better saved for very special occasions. The actual process of applying these is made easy as they are flat backed meaning that it is easy to get them to stick to the nail without rolling off all over the place. One thing I really like about these is how they look like they have glitter running through them. They make me think of fantasy and fairy tales – Cinderella for some reason.

Even though I was excited to try these I hadn't actually planned on how I would be wearing them. In the end I decided to pair them with some standard crescent studs so I could turn them into a fancy 3D flower! They are paired with Essie's 'Nice Is Nice' and Barry M's 'Silver foiled with an alternating Chevron pattern from FabUrNails stamping plates.

What do you think of these crystal balls - how would you wear them?
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  1. The mani looks really nice :)

  2. I am in love with this nail art, it looks edgy, cool and fun too!

  3. Nice color combo! *-*
    The cristal balls look cute nut I think they aree a little bit too big. But however the final result is very cute. :D

  4. Oh it looks beautiful! I love the way you added studs on top of those green leafs!

  5. Gorgeous manicure! I love the soft, dreamy look of it :)


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