Starry Night At The Beach

Allo polish Pals!

How are you today? Can you believe we're already half way through the week?! I swear time just seems to fly faster the older I get. Scary stuff! How has your week been going so far?
I'm currently on the half way line of having a cold, you know when you start to feel icky but not full on icky. I hope it just passes!

Today's manicure comes with a big friendly wave to someone who always gives me such lovely and wonderful words of encouragement. Depending on when you come to visit me, you may know my blog posts normally go live at 7am. Well I've had a really kind supporter who leaves a comment on my nail art normally before I am awake and it is such a nice thing to receive. Especially if I've gone to bed the night before dreading what I am posting the next day. Cheers Steve!

Coincidentally Tiny Canvas's  challenge for this present time is beach nail art. Ain't that lucky!

So for this nail art I began with Mezmris Nail Lacquer base coat. YES. You heard correctly! I did NOT start my manicure off with Nail Envy! I've been trialing Mezmris's base coat and top coat for a while and I am absolutely in love with both of them. Head over to her IG to check her out! They are currently available in the UK but I believe she will be expanding in time.

I then applied two coats of my Barry M 'White' and added a layer of top coat. Once it was all dry I began creating my nail art with my trusty favorite brushes and acrylic paints.

When I asked Steve if there was any requests for what I painted he said a star filled sky over a beach so that's what I went for! I did later think I should have added some silhouettes but I am so very, very bad at those. I don't think I've done a night time beach before, I really enjoyed painting this!

If you are curious to know about Mezmris Nail Lacquer you can check out her Facebook page and IG account

What do you think of my star cluttered night sky? Do you prefer seeing daytime or night time nail art?

Have a beautiful day my friends and have a fabulous weekend, I'll be back on Sunday morning for nail art fun!


  1. Night time nail art is much more special in my opinion and this one came out very good and realistic!

  2. Very pretty :) I like night landscapes on nails.

  3. That's what I was talking about! Your sceneries are just incredible!

  4. Well that's totally different and beautiful beach nail art I have seen so far! Just aahmazing! <3

  5. Ohhhh... I would love a ticket to that beach and a two week vacation there... beautiful!


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