Freehand Birds At Sunset

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having an amazing weekend so far?
I've not been up to much, just the usual piles of sky-scraping laundry although Mr Bravo and I had a good horror movie night last night!

I've been stuck in a terrible artist block this past week. Sadly I've not made a single manicure I've liked. I am trying not to kick myself over it because normally when I let the anxiety and frustration go my flow just comes back. I'm really not a fan of the next few nail art pieces I'll be posting but of course I'll keep posting!

I created this one a short time before the challenges for the month of September where announced for Tiny Canvases weekly challenges. It just so happens on of the prompts was birds!

I don't have a lot to tell you about this one. I feel like it is terribly clumsy and.. well I'm just sorry about it.

I began with my Mezmris Nail Lacquer armour up base coat and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's 'White'. I then began creating an acrylic gradient using oranges and yellow shades. I then used my fine detailing brushes to create the birds and scenery. I finished it all off with my Mezmris top coat. I eventually added Wet 'N' Wilds matte top coat just for shits and giggles. Whoopsy, soap mouth.
I'm just not impressed with myself and that's how I'm feeling about most of my recent work. Its all lacking something to make it a little more special.. Hmm! Fingers crossed this week gives me back my passion and inspiration.

What do you think of my silhouette sunset? Have you had silhouette nail art before?

Thanks for visiting, I hope that you liked seeing this nail art. Have yourself a wonderful Sunday, a productive and happy start to the week and I'll see you again on Tuesday!



  1. Love the sunset gradient background. you birds are very pretty :)

  2. If this is an artist block, I want to have it :D So lovely, and your gradients are gorgeous!

  3. This is so gorgeous! I especially love that crane image on your thumb. Just lovely!

  4. Darling, you're really way to critical on yourself! Your nail art looks so beautiful, I love the colours and the silhouette idea!

  5. Wowww...this is so beautiful! *_*

  6. How can you not like these? I love the colors, the gradient, the silhouettes... all of them :)


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