GERmaniküre Glass Nail File Review

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full, honest and unbiased opinion.

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Today I have another nail file review for you. I was wondering how similar these posts would be, what could I say further about nail files but actually I learnt quite a lot, Ha!

Today's glass file comes from Germaniküre, beautifully crafted by trained artisan's in the Czech Republic from a company based in Solingen, Germany with ethical, non-polluting conditions and by the sounds of it big caring hearts!

Below I'll show you a better picture of the slogan on the handle!

These files are specially formulated against breaking, despite their slim 3mm thickness they are created using Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking, even if dropped from a counter to floor height. Unlike other glass nail files the glass may break, the texture may eventually scrape off or even feel off like a sticker.

The chemical etching on Germaniküre files can be used wet or dry and boasts that it can be used in any direction without causing microscopic frays and gouges to the nails and cuticles (That said, I'll never be a see-saw filer anyway.)
Pretty much the same length as my Samsung S6 and impressively light!

Germaniküre also claims that the glass used for the files has natural antibacterial properties however the files can also be very easily and simply cleaned via water and soap but are also strong enough to endure high heat sanitizers making this a very salon friendly product.

Having used the GERmaniküre file I do really like the design of the file, I chose the mantra 'More Glitter, Less Bitter' as I think it fitting nail blogging rather nicely. There are many slogans and mantra's to chose from and each are sand blasted onto the handles for a gentle and unobtrusive look, I also really like the pink gradient going on!

The files comes with a very sophisticated leather case, ideal for keeping your file protected and cushioning shocking absorption if it is dropped while not in use and dehumidifying. All their nail files come with a patent numbered holographic sticker so you know you are getting a genuine, authentic GERmaniküre products.

How did I find this nail file? I really like it but I can tell a huge difference between this one and the other's I have tried previously. I would say it took a lot less filing motion to get my nail length to its desired length but it wasn't as smooth as some but that isn't to say it is not a very good file. I think everyone has preferences on how filing should feel. I do like the design, the science behind its creation and its classy looking case.

GERmaniküre's guide on buying glass files and avoiding fake products.

Finally, the last thing I will tell you about, which in my opinion really increases my already good impression is that GERmaniküre states that they believe in:

long tool life, healthful living and good enviomental stewardship. Each glass file is handcrafted in the Czech Republic by trained adult artisans paid a living wage. This item was guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.” - Now isn't that fantastic? If only more companies could speak so confidently about such an important issue.

Another fantastic thing about this company is that they currently contributing a portion of their sales to help families vicitimized by child labor in Pakistan and Vietnam.

Have you tried any GERmaniküre products before? Glass files or emery boards – what are you using currently?

Have yourselves a beautiful day my friends! Thank you for visiting, I'll be back on Saturday with some more nail art! There might be dinosaurs. Just sayin' :)



  1. I love that picture of a nail file with your phone! That phone cover is attracting me more! ;-) But I must say your review is very informative! Great job Ithi! <3

  2. What a great motto, I like that :)


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