First Look! Mezmris Nail Lacquer's Blue Moon - New Indie Brand!

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a great start to your week. I also hope while your reading this you've got a lovely cup of tea or coffee. I'd like to think your visits here are cosy happy ones!

Today I'll be showing you a nail polish I've been dying to share with you for ages!
This polish comes from a new indie brand called Mezmris Nail Lacquer – yep, you've heard me mentioning them in earlier posts and you'll have seen me wearing this blue within random nail art.

Sammi, the owner of Mezmris Nail Lacquer has now opened her store, you can visit it here: Mezmris Nail Lacquer on Etsy. You can also find Mezmris Nail Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram.

Sammi's range of nail polishes are incredibly beautiful and I've been impressed right from the start, she already has one collection available and they are stunners! You have to go check her out! She's done an outstanding job at creating unique colours and combinations but her forumla's are drool worthy.

Here is Blue Moon, I even tried to do a macro shot, go me.


Blue Moon is a beautiful clear blue crème polish laced with gorgeous silver flecks. The flecks are subtle but they impact the whole look, it gives the polish a wonderful dreamy, heavenly look. The term 'silver lining's' always comes to mind with this polish. As you guys know (because I can't stop saying it) I love my blues and I recently stated somewhere that this was in my top five of all time favourite blues but I actually think it might be THE ONE – big words!! You may have noticed the bottle has no lable, thats just because I was one of the first testers. Sold bottles will have lables.

It has certainly gotten a lot of compliments when I have worn it. Unlike many other blues I had absolutely no trouble with staining. Application was enough to write home about – No bubbles, no streaking, just a wonderful smooth self leveling forumula that can also boast about its 5-free capabilities. Yep, you heard me. This beautiful polish is also not harming your nails!

any excuse to wear it!!
I am wearing Mezmris Nail Lacquer's 'Armor Up' base coat and 'Armor' top coat in these pictures.
Again, two products I am more than happy to promote and swing from the vines yelling about.
Both of these are 5 free, so no nasty chemicals! The base coat has become a firm favourite and my OPI 'Nail Envy' has been left to the side since this discovery. 'Armor Up' has an impressive and nourishing formula that my nails seem to love. It contains Vitamin A, E, lemon essential oil, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B5 – Nice!

...While Armor is free from Formaldehyde Resin, DPB and Toluene. And freehand and nail stamper artists can rejoice because Armor does not smudge designs! It gives a beautiful, glassy and glossy finish to nails and smooths out acrylic art. I've also found it does not cause any shrinkage at the tips.

What do you think of this stunning blue? Have you heard of Mezmris Nail Lacquer yet, will you be checking out the store?

Have a gorgeous day my friends, stay snug! I'll catch you again on Wednesday!


  1. Hi Ithfifi! I just learned to use G+ and I followed your link from there. I just wanted to say that you're incredibly talented. Your nail art blew me away! Simply, amazing!

    1. Wow, thak you so much Maita! That is so very kind of you, I am glad you found IthinityBeauty, its nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words :) I hope you'll be visiting again in the future! xx

  2. I like it, especially the silver flakes in it :) Looks nice on you!

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea! Me too, I can't stop finding excuses to wear it, haha :)

  3. It's a really beautiful polish, I love this shade of blue <3


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