Freehand Yellow Brick Road & Emerald City Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've had a great start to the week?

It seems aptly timed I am posting my Wizard Of Oz nails on a Wednesday! Coincidence, I assure you! So as you guys know I love painting scenery and landscapes, so when I came up with this idea I was rather pleased with myself!

If you don't know where this is... shame on you! Not really, not really. But I feel like everyone should watch the Wizard of Oz at least once in their life! I decided to paint the Emerald City with the yellow brick road. :)

For this manicure I began with my usual base coat, Mezmris Nail Lacquer's 'Armor Up' and almost immediately after applied two coats of Catrice's 'Generation whYte' for a nice base to paint on top of. I smoothed this all out with a thin coat of my Pro-FX top coat an allowed to dry. I then began by painting my sky, blending different shades of blue to create an arylic-gradient. I then used my fave brushes to create all the smaller details. I finished it all off with a coat of Mezmris Nail Lacquer's top coat, 'Armor'. Of course... I had to try it in matte too! You'll see that in the last picture.

I had fun painting this one but I do have to apologise slightly, during clean up my cuticle rainbow got a bit smeared – how annoying. Clean up has always been the thing I hate most about nail art!

What do you think of my Emerald City/Yellow Brick Road nail art? Have you had any type of fantasy on your nails before?

Have a beautiful day my friends! Thank you so much for your visit. I hope to see you again on Friday for some more nail art fun? :)



  1. Great job on the freehand as always :) yeah that happens to me too sometimes with clean up... Very annoying!

  2. Oh my god, that's gorgeous!! I love the rainbows around the cuticles! ♥

  3. Your beautiful landscape manis never fail to amaze me ♥

  4. Ease on down, ease on down the ro-oad... *starts humming*
    But I think you meant the earlier, original version with Judy (which I like even better but The Wiz's song popped up... can't help that, right? ;)
    Either way, love the inspiration and love the manicure!

  5. Aww, that's lovely, I so love the Wizard of Oz <3

  6. You love to pain scenery and landscapes and I love them so much when you paint them on your nails! That's a wonderland! <3


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