Lovely Lady Nail Art Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review.

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for me to review, however I will as always give my full and unbiased opinion. 
Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a great weekend and start to the week.
I've been having that weird sinking feeling again, I feel like there is so much I need to do in the next couple weeks and the pressure I am putting on myself is really disrupting my freehand nail art.
I am rushing things and hating my end results, argh!

Today I am showing you a manicure that I think is really cute, these water decals come from the Born Pretty Store and are described as '1 Sheet Girl Nail ArtWater Decals Lovely Lady Nail Manicure Transfer Stickers' – always such long names.. These are in style C211.

First of all I have to tell you that when I made the decision between the C211 and the C210 style's I had such a hard time choosing. I mean.. the other one has a deer on it! A deer! But I really loved the style of these 'lovely ladies'. I used to be really into my anime and manga and I still do appreciate the art style of Japanese art. If your telling me I can get anime on my nails.. in under 15 mins? YES PLEASE.

One thing I would note about these decals is that the positioning of your decals will really impact your manicure. I actually redid my middle finger as I had it with both of the ladies eyes showing but because of that the positioning of the nose and fingers looked really weird, and kind of rude. So I reapplied the decal and leaned it more to one side.

These decals are the type that have the solid white backing meaning you can get away with just your base coat if you want to save time. Because of the white backing they will be a little more trickier to remove (You may notice the white leaves your skin looking a little chalky if you are not careful to remove it well) around the edges than the thinner types that practically just melt away when met with remover.

Overall I think these are super duper cute, I'd love to see more decals in this style. I also found they got a lot of attention because its not a common look and a few people were really stumped as to how I got such perfect looking anime characters on my nails!

What do you think of this type of water decal? Would this be something you would wear?

Have a beautiful day my friends, I'll be back on Thursday with some more nail art fun.
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  1. Very cute, different stickers than I use to watch,still lovely!

  2. Those are so cute! Those faces are just lovely and I think the braid on your pinky is really beautiful too.

  3. Hi dear, I don't know if I would wear it, but surely the overall effect is nice and ordered! =)

  4. These decals are co cute, I can't stop looking <3

  5. I'm not too fond of water decals but these look adorable!


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