Probelle & Essence Quadruplet Marble Nail Art!

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a fantastic weekend – I have not really been up to much, just trying to get the blog all organized for while I go away on the 25th. Not long now!

Today I have another manicure featuring Probelle's Textured polishes. Since my last *review* I have discovered they are great for marbling (this is a dry marble) and really good for stamping! They really are more than your average bumpy textured polish it seems!

Sometimes just feel like making dry marble decals, its especially good if I am feeling lazy at that particular time because I can put it aside and know that I'll have another manicure done and ready for maybe the day after when I am feeling more ambitious!

I used all three of my Probelle's, 'Textured Aqua', 'Textured Hot Pink' and 'Textured Purple', to make things innnnnteresting I also added Essence's 'Rebel At Heart' (Btw, I'm on my second bottle of this.. and its a grey! it though.) for some contrast.

I think it looks rather interesting and I like how the swirls of Probelle look against the gritty glittery grey, I'll certainly be using them in the future for more decals!

What do you think of this marbled combination? Have you tried Probelle before?

Have a beautiful Sunday – take it easy! Thank you for visiting and I'll hope to see you again on Tuesday for some more nail art adventures!



  1. Hi dear this manicure is a love!! It turns out very very well!

  2. Pretty dry marble! I need to do it soon :)

  3. Oh wow this is really gorgeous :-D Liking the colours too :-D

  4. Love the color combo. I am gonna give it a try. Never done before :)

  5. So pretty! Makes me want to prepare some decals (but since I'm always changing my mind about what colors to wear I would probably end up with a stack of decals and me grabbing for a bottle of polish to do a new manicure as I was craving for a different color ;)

  6. Really fun Dru marble! I love the colors you used :)

  7. This marble is just amazing <3

  8. This is super super beautiful! :-)

  9. Wow they work great for stamping indeed! And the colours are so pretty together, too!


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