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We're almost into December, does it feel/look festive where you are? I have been resisting the urge to feel Christmasy for a while if I am honest but I'm feeling it inside! I'm just having a hard time trying to make winter nail art... I don't like being cold OR thinking of the cold.. I actually have beach and rainbowy nails coming up soon...Oppsie.

Anyway, today I am showing you something that is also perfect for the festive season as well as all year round. Silver always looks beautiful in manicures so lets take a look at this '6ml Born Pretty Stamping Polish' in Silver...from.. The Born Pretty Store. Statin' the obvious there, eh?

This polish comes in a cute little square bottle and contains 6ml silver stamping polish. At first I was a little surprised at the size of the bottle but for the price it is actually not bad at all, considering it is for stamping and not applying on all your nails like a regular polish it should last a pretty long time. One of the first things I noticed while using this polish is that it doesn't have a very bold distinct smell like some stamping polishes, at least no stronger than a regular polish.

The polish itself is a beautiful shade of silver. Not too dark, not too like and it stamps on the nail with a beautiful foil-like finish so it catches the light perfectly and looks really interesting against all types of colours. It is for that reason that I actually paired it with the acrylic stamping, to see how it looked against the transitioning shades.

I found this polish to pick up the image very well pretty much every time (the times it didn't can be accounted to my stamping inexperience) and it was not too annoying to clean up around the nails. No one likes metallic fingers..

I had a really good experience with this polish and if I had to repurchase in the future I totally would, silver is one of my faves to stamp with and this one is no let down.

What do you think about this silver stamping polish? Have you tried any of the Born Pretty Store stamping polishes before?

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  1. I LOVE Bornpretty's stamping polishes! Both this size and the bigger sized ones. They stamp so well!

  2. Its beautiful. I haven't tried but BPS Stamping polish yet but would love to. :)

  3. What a beautiful mani, the stamping on the gradient looks awesome and the decals are cool too!
    I've tried two of the BPS stamping polishes and I really liked them. I had some smudging when I applied the top coat but I don't think that was the stamping polish's fault :'D

  4. Wowww another wonderful manicure! *___*
    I like it a lot!

  5. That looks gorgeous, almost hypnotising :D

  6. I love these! The gradient with the metallic spots are gorgeous!


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