3D Diamond Nail Art Studs (9 Colours, 5mm) - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains an item(s) that were provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full, honest and unbiased opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are doing well and have a lovely weekend planned! What will you be up to? I think it's going to be a cosy one.

Some of my family are going to a wedding so I wont see the kids very much this weekend but I get to spend time with my parents which makes me happy. My mum has taken up knitting recently so its quite nice to sit together, I paint while she knits. Hobby corner!

Today I have another review for you, this time I am showing you...*Inhales deeply* '9Colours, 5mm 3D Nail Decoration Colorful Rhinestone Sharp BottomManicure Nail Art Decoration'... *gasps for air * Or in shorter words... Mixed coloured Diamond Nail Art Studs. These are come from The Born Pretty Store.

I picked these studs to review as I love different looking studs and diamond shapes are no exception. I like how easy it is to create unique looks with these types of studs. I didn't plan this very well though as I had the idea to sort of stack/sit them with normal flat studs so I could position them differently..but I forgot to pack more studs!

This nail decoration wheel contains 9 different compartments and has emerald, pink, clear, cloudy clear, clear reflecting rainbow, light green, muted pink, bright blue and a sort of lilac shades. You get approximately 45 studs in this wheel and they measure 5mm. They are not as large as these diamond studs I reviewed previously, which I am glad about as this size is much more manageable.

The wheel is slightly different to any I have ever owned previously, rather than twisting the top transparent lid to get to the designed stud compartment the entire lid is hinged and slides off so all the compartments are open, so be warned if you tend to keep your studs in a loose place such as a bag or box that gets moved a lot as if it moves your studs may fall out.

Overall though I am really happy with this little nail wheel, I love the beautiful colours of the studs and I love how nicely they catch the light. I would certainly recommend playing around with them to find unique ways of placing them..unlike me.

I better get my seasons in tune..
I've slowly and reluctantly began making winter themed nail art.. but I'm just not feeling it. Brr.

What do you guys think of these, do you prefer flat bottomed studs? How would you wear these?

Have a beautiful weekend my friends, thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to say hi! :)


  1. What a pretty manicure, so colourful and precious! Hope you'll have some great time with your mum!

  2. That water color effect is so beautiful! I am loving it! <3

  3. I love the shimmery polish over the watercolor! Very pretty!

  4. That is really pretty.
    I think I prefer the studs with a flat backside - otherwise I don't think I'd be able to get them to stick to my nails :D

  5. Oh very cute design
    very colorful

  6. Jewellery on nails :) and a unique design!

  7. Great mani! They look fabby :-D These would be wasted on me, I would just want to pick at them LOL! ;-)

  8. yeah bps always has such long product names! I think they're just trying to hit all the possible search terms lol
    I love the way this came out! :)

  9. Oh, I definitely prefer flat back studs. I would go crazy fiddling with the pointy backed ones until they fell off and I would be sad to lose them... nope, flat ones are definitely the ones for me ;)

  10. From the rainbows to the bling, I love everything about this look!


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