Freehand Arctic Fox - Catch a shooting star Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a lovely weekend as you are reading this.

Mine started off with my birthday yesterday in which.. I was made to feel like such a princess! I was spoiled with lovely treats like nail polishes, mini Prosecco (I've never tried this!) and lovely bath treats! My parents and I also went out for dinner which was nice. Tomorrow of course its time to fly home.. Its always hard to say goodbye but I am looking forward to seeing Mr Bravo. I wish I could have everyone all in one place!

Today I have some more animal nail art for you guys. I feel like I've been a bit of let down lately, I've not done a lot of big landscape scenery and I feel really guilty about it. I'll try and do lots more in January. Here's my little arctic fox.

For this manicure I began with my practically dead OPI 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's 'White'. I then applied a thin coat of Pro-FX top coat and again waited a couple minutes for it to dry. Then the fun part, I moved onto the acrylics and created my sky by blending a deep purpley shade into a light blue and added some loose glitter on top. I seal the glitter in with an old crappy top coat and again allowed to dry. All the following details were created using my Pure Color brush in size #9. To finish this manicure I again used my Pro-FX top coat.

I was rather happy with this one..and then I wasn't. I worked hard on my little fox but I think I forgot to pay attention to everything else, isn't my thumb so boring? Argh.. I guess I have been rather distracted with enjoying time at home :)

What do you guys think of this manicure and my little fox? Are there certain animals you'd like to see on my nails?

Thank you for visiting today :) Don't forget to leave your thoughts below in the comments. I'll catch you again on Monday when I am back in Holland!



  1. I love your fox, he is so lovely! Happy birthday!

  2. Awww...Super cute! Wish you a very happy birthday dear Ithi! May all your dreams come true! <3

  3. Hi dear, happy birthday!!! This mani is a love and the arctic fox has turned out so well! =)

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    Argh... there she goes again, talking down a wonderful manicure! Your thumb isn't boring at all, it fits the scene perfectly and doesn't distract from the lovely fox :)
    (I know, you probably had a different vision for this scene... but to us viewers this really is awesome)

  5. Happy birthday to you :)
    Mani is lovely as always :)

  6. Happy birthday again ;) These nails are so beautiful!


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