Mezmris Nail Lacquer: A Christmas Cracker Swatch

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing? I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today's post is going to be set up a little differently, since I got home late last night I thought we'd have a really chilled post. Even though I get my posts written up days before I need to post I feel like going easy, that's ok, isn't it?

I'll show you a super duper sparkler of a polish but I am not going to do my usual review style for this one. I'll tell you out right that is a smashing 10/5 stars.

Today I am showing you 'A Christmas Cracker' from Mezmris Nail Lacquer's Christmas collection.
If you were lucky enough to get your hands on any of the polishes in the collection well done because they are real beauties!

Before applying this polish I first applied a coat of Mezmris Nail Lacquer's 'Armor Up' base coat. Mine had run out recently and I had been dying to get my hands on another bottle. My nails absolutely love the nourishing formula.

'A Christmas Cracker' is a beautiful holo polish with heaps of gold, silver and red glitter. Its an absolute dazzler and I don't think it takes much explaining as to how its become one of my top 10 in my entire nail polish collection. You'll see from the video I've added how beautiful the holo is in the light. It also applies incredibly smooth and although I thought I was going to need a lot of coats to get this to cover my horrifically yellow nails I found that two coats was absolutely perfect. I found the dry time to be equally as pleasing. Because I had extra time to kill I did add a third coat, why? I'm not really sure. I was besotted.. it was love at first sight. I followed up with Mezmris Nail Lacquer's 'Armor' top coat which not only set the holo off even more but also have it a very glossy and glassy look.

I feel like Mezmris have really captured the sparkle and magic of Christmas with this polish, for me it is everything.. its shiny crackers, its the twinkly star on top of the tree, its the sparkle of tinsel... Its just such a festive looking polish!

What do you guys think of this glitzy Christmas holo? Have you tried any Mezmris Nail Lacquer products yet?

I hope you have a wonderful day, Thank you for visiting! Don't forget to leave you thoughts and comments below :)


  1. What a lovey nail polish this one!!!

  2. Wow... that would be perfect for Christmas dinner. I can just see it now: candlelight and sparkles all around!

  3. Ohhh it's so sparkly, awesome ♥! Perfect for christmas :)

  4. Wowwww....those fairy fingers, spreading holo dust here and there!<3 <3 <3


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