My Year In Nail Art - Round Up Post!

Allo polish Pals,
How are you all doing today? I hope you are all doing well.
Are you still having some quiet time at home or have you had to go back to work? - At least it wont be long until everyone gets a nice New Years break.

Speaking of New Years, I have some nail art coming up for New Years Eve but I thought today as an almost end of year post I would do like a general round up of how I've enjoyed blogging this year.

I feel like this year has been the best year yet, I feel like I've got things grounded, I don't get in too much of a flap trying to keep ahead of my blog posts which is a great feeling compared to some of the previous years. I've also learned a lot in this past year. I've tried new things, loose glitter has become a firm favourite when I combine it with my freehand.

So this is a lot of talking, isn't it? I've decided to show one manicure from each month of the year. I had a couple of months I found it really hard to decide which manicure was best, lets take a look under the jump! 

    Which one did you like the best? Here is the invidual nail art, click to view their full sizes.




Which of these did you like best, or do you prefer a different one that isn't featured? I'd also really love to know what kind of nail art you enjoy seeing most on my blog?  Freehand, animals, patterns, stamping etc.

I hope you have all had a really fun year, be it in blogging, nail art or other aspects of your life. Do you think you'll set yourself any new years resolutions this year?

I also have to thank each and everyone of you, for all the kind comments and encouragement over the past year, to everyone who visits or follows here, or on Facebook, Instagram etc... and to all those who visit but lurk in the shadows! It means so much to me to have shared another year with you, you guys are what makes this experience so fun and very often your comments make my day. As a thank you I'll be hosting a little giveaway in the new year.

Have a wonderful day, my friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I'll catch you again on Saturday for some New Years Eve nail art!



  1. I think my favorite has to be September's dinosaur mani! Happy New Year!

  2. mine has got to be Junes. I love Turtles!!!! But I love all your work.

  3. Hard choice! If I have to, September and December, amazing!

  4. Very nice nails. I am having relax time at home. I didn't start working yet. Good night dear!

  5. Sooo many awesome designs, it's really hard to choose! I guess my fav is the mani from February ♥

    And I love all the nail art you do (and swatches of course, too!), so just do whatever you like best.

  6. Awesome picks! I hope you had a wonderful new years!


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