Freehand Glittery Fire And Ice Nail Art!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Tell me about your weekend :)

Things are still very raw here and there's a fair chances its going to get much harder in this coming week, there have been a lot of emotional moments and trips back and forth to the hospital. I'll be doing my best to get back into a pattern even while this is happening because I think that's best for me but I did need that little week off..

Today's manicure comes inspired from another weekly challenge from Tiny Canvas, our theme this week was 'Fire and Ice' – to be honest.. I hadn't expected much from myself with everything going on offline so I was somewhat surprised when I edited my pictures and didn't hate what I'd created!

I decided to make this an absolute glitterfest, red for fiery embers and flakies for a frosted look!
I didn't really know how to combine both elements into one manicure so I decided to cut it straight down the middle which I think actually looks pretty effective!

For my fire side I began with my Mezmris Nail Lacquer base coat, 'Armor Up' and once dry I added two coats of Wet 'N' Wild's 'Black Creme'. Next I added a coat of Pretty Serious 'Haddon Field' and while it was still wet I tapped on some red and gold glitters. I then freehanded my fire..well.. tried!

For my icy side I began with the same base coat (..kinda obvious) and then applied two coats of Le Beaut #24. I then layered Zoya's Maisie on top and added some loose silver glitter. Again I freehanded the ice cubes using my fave Pure Color brushes in #9 and #10. I sealed it all in with my Mezmris Nail Lacquer top coat, 'Armor'.

Don't forget to have your say!
What do you think of my split elemental nail art? Which side do you like best?

Have a great Monday, may it set you up for a fantastic week! I'll catch you again on Wednesday :)



  1. Wow, this came out amazing, love the original idea and details!

  2. I wish you no need for a hospital. I caught a cold, so that's how my weekend was looking like.
    I like both sides: honestly, I don't know which one to choose :)

    1. Thank you so much, A.notcopyacat. It's not for me.. we will be saying goodbye to my partner's grandmother today :( Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Awesome!!! As I'm doing just about anything to get warm after riding my bike home just now, I'll go for the fiery side (but both sides look great) :)

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce! Don't you find your hands get so cold?! I'd be lost without my mittens.

  4. Amazingly awesome. So original! :-)


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