12 Colours Nail Art Glitter Powder (& Freehand Pattern) - Born Pretty Store Review.

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope your week is going well so far?

I've got exciting news! My painting corner is getting a huge upgrade.

If you didn't know, the way I paint is a little precarious. Its a bunch of plastic boxes (containing my nail polishes) stacked up in two towers and a plank of wood in the middle! I was truly grateful when my boyfriend first created it as prior to that I had a cardboard box as a table and I'd sit on the bed which is incredibly soft so there was little support. I am now looking forward to a proper desk - as is my back!

I'll photograph it in the three stages once its been put together! where and how do you guys like to paint?

Anyway..! Today I am going to share with you '12 Colors Nail Art Glitter Power, Acrylic UvGel' from the Born Pretty Store.

If you visit frequently you'll know I've been adding loose glitter to my freehand manicures recently, I love how they look for night time manicures, they give another dimension to nail art, so when I saw these I knew I really wanted to try them out!

They came in a set containing 12 colours (Yes I still spell colour with a U! I can not drop it :) including white, black, silver, gold, orange, light blue, blue, red, purple, violet, green and magenta. The pots are generously filled and are a standard eyeshadow size pot.

Born Pretty Store also claims these can be used for other uses besides nail art such as applied on top of eye-shadow's although I'll say always be cautious when applying things such as use glitter to such a sensitive area (I actually wouldn't) and other personal uses. You could also use these to decorate things too.

I decided to show you how this looks matte because I think it still looks super pretty in a less 'bling bling' kind of way. I've been applying these by applying a top coat, loading a fluffy eyeshadow brush with a small amount of glitter and then gently tapping my brush to sprinkle the glitter on to my nails. I then shake my hands off to remove excess glitter and apply an old (but still well working) top coat. Don't use your best top coat as there is obviously a chance glitter can get in it. Once my top coat is done I can remove any extra glitter easily by dusting over with my fan brush. 

I am finding glitter more and more fun with each manicure I use it and these are no exception. If you are looking to add more loose glitter to your manicure's I'd say this little set is a great way to start out without investing too much.

Do you guys like to use loose glitter on your manicures? Glitter polishes vs loose glitter?
Have a beautiful day my friends, I'll catch you again on Friday!



  1. Love how you combined all the glitters in a manicure, the outcome is fantastic!

  2. Yayyy sparklies! I love loose glitter in every size or shape :) and glitter polish of course too :)
    Great mani my dear :)

  3. Beautiful! Your precision on hat freehand is incredible- I thought for sure you had used a stamp! I like to paint my nails at my kitchen table. I have my stuff in a caddy and I just grab it out, pull polishes from my shelf and grab the stamping plate binders I need and go to town.

  4. This looks great!! I think I like it ever better mattified. My husband happened to walk by when I was reading your post and he asked me if I had that stamp... he couldn't believe it when I told him you freehanded it all, so I guess that's about the biggest compliment you can get :)
    I usually paint my nails sitting behind my desk. I just push away my keyboard, grab my silicone mat and when I'm done I do the same actions in reverse. My polishes and other tools are in a cupboard behind me, safely hidden from the light (and grabby hands of visiting friends ;)

  5. Your glitter gradients are gorgeous and your art is incredible! These are amazing!

  6. wowwwww....outstandinggggggggggg Ithi! I love love love it! <3


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