Freehand Fluffy Birthday Bear Nail Art For @TheHumbleBear!

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are looking forward to a fun weekend, do you have anything nice planned?

Do you remember last year I came together with an amazing artist for a collaboration on Instagram? I'm talking about the wonderful Beverley Fu, Aka TheHumbleBear. Did you see the countryside twin manicure we did together last year?

I consider Bev THE bear of nails.

Beverely is such a beautiful young lady (and a fellow mod over on Tiny Canvas!) and yesterday it was her birthday so a group (or several groups!) of us got to celebrate and wish her a wonderful day in the only way possible – bear party!

For this manicure I used flocking powder because really there are not many times or designs that call for it but its always fun to do something really different every now and again. I felt it would fit this theme perfectly. I used Layla's as a base for my flocking and this time I used a little foil glue to adhere the flocking. I found this worked much better than top coat which I had only ever used previously.

For my beary nails I used two coats of Essence's 'New York City Call' with a smudgen of Polish Me, Royalty!'s 'Unicornicopia' for a sexy drizzle of holo glitter.

My bear was created with brand new brushes that were sent to me as a gift from a dear sweet friend. I used a Christrio detailing brush and Winstonia's 'Rose Noir' brush. First impressions? Love, love love.

I'm quite happy with the contrast of the flocking to the painted nails, what do you think? I'll never get used to the feeling though, I removed them pretty fast after taking pictures!

What do you think of my birthday bear? Have you taken part in any collaborations with other artists?

Don't forget to go follow Beverley on Instagram - @Thehumblebear

Thank you for stopping by, its always fun when you come to visit!
Have a fabulous weekend, have fun and take care! I'll catch you again on Monday.



  1. What a pretty manicure! I like the idea you had =)

  2. Wow! Furry nails and a girl bear :D Cutesy :)

  3. Cute bear! I love how you made him holding birthday balloons- so perfect for a birthday theme!

  4. These are adorable and the fuzzy nails are the perfect touch!

  5. Very adorable. Love the girly bear :)

  6. Your mani is awesome, I love everything - the bear, the fluffy powder, the holo background.. great!

  7. That's probably the cutest nails I've ever seen! ♥


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