Mardi Gras Twin Mani with @Jodies_Nailz

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today? I hope you had a fab weekend, did you do anything exciting?

I just thought I'd let you know also that from now on I'll be posting Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's. I've always been pretty organised with my blog but posting every other day felt a bit too fast sometimes. Creating nail art and posting it, I was keeping up fine but I couldn't really get ahead of myself as much as I'd like.

Did you know that tomorrow is Mardi Gras? According to Google its also called Shrove Tuesday – Which is what I and my fellow English call it, although Mardi Gras translates to 'Fat Tuesday' in French (Yes, I always try and do my homework on time!) The 'Fat Tuesday' references the last night celebrations of eating richer and fattier foods before the ritual fasting of the Lent season. It is mostly celebrated all around the world in different ways.

Also in this post I'd love to introduce you to my dear friend, Jodie. She's an absolutely lovely lady and it was her idea to get together for our second twin manicure for Mardi Gras. Please go and check out her IG @Jodies_Nailz – She's a seriously skilled stamper with kickass manicures!

I absolutely love Jodie's manicure which you can see on the right. Jodie has recently been venturing into the world of freehand a little more and I think she did an amazing job with the writing, something I struggle with greatly! You guys should leave some comments about Jodie's nails so she can read them too :)

For my version I decided to go for beads in the celebratory colours along with a mask and feathers. I hope I captured the partying feel of Mardi Gras!

My background is Rimmel's 'Rain' and Barry M's 'Diamond Glitter on top. Everything else was hand painted and sealed in with Pro-FX top coat.

 What do you think of our Mardi Gras twin manicures? Have you had Mardi Gras nail art before?

If you celebrate please have a wonderful time and please stay safe! I hope you all have an awesome day. I'll catch you again on Wednesday, thank you for visiting!



  1. So fun and perfect for MardiGras! I love the addition of the feather and all the the details in it.

  2. This is gorgeous, and if I have to believe the documentary on Mardi Gras in New Orleans that I watched yesterday, it's absolutely perfect with the colors and the beads and... well, everything :)

  3. Gorgeous Mardi Gras manicures, Girls <3
    In Poland it's a Fat Thursday actually, but the idea's similar, we basically eat lots and lots of donuts, I love it :D

  4. These are so fun! Once year I would love to go to a mardi gras celebration in new orleans!

  5. Nice Mardi gras mani! :) I love the beads on the mask especially!

  6. You ladies has done a wonderful manis. Jodie has that freehand skill. And yours is as usuall mind blowinggg... <3


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