Aveniro Czech Crystal Glass Nail & Foot File Review

*PR. This post contains an item(s) which was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full, honest and unbiased opinion.

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Today I'll be teaming up with Aveniro once again to show you some of their latest designs of their glass files.

If you are not familiar with Aveniro here is a little summery. Aveniro's crystal glass nail files are ideal for nail care on both natural and artificial nails and are perfect for use at home or in professional industries. These Czech crystal glass nail files come in a wide range of files with their logo, decorated with studs or/and a large choice of colours and gradients – It is even possible to have photo printing incorporated onto the files for a very unique and personalized look.

Today I am showing you three products, a foot file, a nail file and a mini nail file. You may be wondering.. how much can one girl write about nail files.. well, I'll surprise you.

Smooth Side.
These long lasting quality files are made to last infinity with the right care and can even be washed in dishwashers or by hand for good hygiene practices.

Lets take a look at the glass foot file first. This glass foot file is approx 11 cm in length, 6cm in width and 6mm in thickness. It comes in a very neat little plastic sheath for protection. The size is an ideal size to keep in bathroom cabinets or in professional environments.

The file has two functioning sides.  Englarge the pictures on the right and you'll see a noticable difference on either side of the file. 

Abrasive Side.
One side is incredibly smooth and provides a very gentle buff and file while the other has a much more abrasive surface which Aveniro claim is great for dry callous skin (which you will see clearly in my pictures below to the left which side is which)  I found that even touching the abrasive side made my finger tips feel a little weird so I suggest using this with ease and don't over file your feet because.. you need skin on your feet!

I am in love with the mini file, I love the bright and funky gradient of hot pink through to purple and then into the clear glass. - isn't that nail art inspiration right there?! I kind of wish the regular sized file had the flash of pink too. This file measures approximately 9 cm in length and just over 1cm in width offering the perfect size to fit any handbag pocket. You really don't know how handy these are to have out of the house until you get a snag you can't promise wont turn into a break by the time you get home!

The regular glass nail file is features that gorgeous purple along the handle and measures approximately a little over 13cm and is just shy of 1.5cm in width making it ideal to keep at your nail space or at your desk. Both the regular and mini file come in plastic protective sheaths.

I really like these files and have been impressed with their quality for a second time round. I honestly think that purchasing a good and professional level nail file is an investment. Your nails deserve a good, smooth and gentle nail file. Jewels, not tools, eh?! 

Where can you find Aveniro?   Aveniro Website / Aveniro on Facebook

What kind of file do you currently use? Have you tried Aveniro glass files before?

Have a beautiful day, my friends! Thank you for dropping by, don't forget to have your say in the comments. I'll catch you again on Saturday!



  1. I have never used glass files...but have read about it on my blogs and always it sounds great...This one too sounds a great product.


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