Freehand Crayola Wax Crayon Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week and thank you for joining me on it! I am wishing you all a really fun, productive and smashing week, kicking off with lots and lots of beautiful sunshine.

Today's nail art is inspired by another weekly challenge prompt over at Tiny Canvas (Come join if you are looking for a fun, friendly, no drama nail art group!) Our theme this week was Crayola nail art as it is actually 'Crayola Day' on the 31st of March.

I'd have liked to have shared this nail art closer to the date however I've got posts I can not shuffle around!

I've got to thank Crayola because they are probably the first proper art supplies I owned or used (as a kid, obviously) I used to have huge collections of wax crayons and pencils. So thanks Crayola for sparking my creativity at such a young age!

I began with my OPI 'Nail Envy' base coat for this manicure.
This nail art is simply freehand on a base of Barry M's 'White' nail polish. This time I really tried to make it look as though there are shadows underneath the crayons to add more depth and make them look 3D. I finished this one off with my Barry M matte top coat which finished off the job beautifully – I think the matte finish really suits the waxy crayons!

What do you think of this freehand nail art? Did you ever own any Crayola products?

Have a smashing Monday, thank you so much for stopping by. I'll catch you again on Wednesday!



  1. So cute and oh, the memories... I guess wax crayons and wall paper are the first art supplies for most children, and although I seem to remember someone telling me the two don't go together I have fond memories of the combination (not so much of the repercussions but that's way back in the past ;) )

  2. I had Crayola crayons :)
    Cute and sweet mani :)

  3. I envy you your freehand skills, you are really good! :)

  4. Crayons crayons were the best! There was nothing like opening a fresh box of them and inhaling the sweet wax And paper scent. Love this tribute to them!

  5. Gorgeous mani. I love it :-D

  6. Ahhh..that reminds me too of my young age love for crayons. Your crayons looks so real that I feel to pick them from your nails and start coloring. Lovelyyyyyy Ithi! :-)

  7. Hello, how are you, sorry for being MIA. Love the creative manicure you made, it=s colorful and joyful!

  8. Wow you freehanded this? Love it <3


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