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Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a great weekend.
Did you get up to anything fun? I actually had a really awesome Saturday. My weekends are normally pretty much identical to my weeks and my weeks are not that impressive.

However this Saturday I went out with Mr Bravo's Sister (I call her sister-in-law even though we are not married yet) We went into Rotterdam where we grabbed so lunch at Maccy D's (naughty!) she took me to a cat cafe, it really is as it sounds! I had such a lovely time meeting all the lovely cat residents! We then rushed through the rain for a ride on 'The View' – a temporary Ferris wheel slap bang in the middle of Rotterdam which was really cool. We then went for dinner at 'The Bear' where I had the most delicious but massive dinner and then we stopped for a drink in Starbucks on the way home.

But enough now lets start the new week with some new nail art, shall we?! Here's another manicure which was created to fit the weekly challenge over on Tiny Canvas, this time the prompt was 'Nautical' so I attempted a fitting landscape.

Glossy Version
I have tried several times in the past to create a manicure featuring different nautical looking objects and this time I attempted it again. When I tried to figure out what it was I hated about the manicure so much I actually just came up with the feeling that if I stuck to what I enjoy perhaps I could get along with this theme.. hence the landscape. In all honesty I feel a bit 'bleh about this one. Especially the thumbnail. Eh.

The products used for this manicure was OPI's Nail Envy base coat and for my base I used Barry M's 'White' nail polish which was dry in no time. I then followed on with a coat of Pro-FX top coat to create a nice smooth barrier and got to work with my acrylic paints and brushes. I also used my Barry M Matte top coat.. just because it's what I doooo.

What do you think of this nautical landscape? When was the last time you went to the seaside?

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you enjoyed your stay. Don't forget to say hi in the comments below :) I'll catch you again on Wednesday!



  1. Amazing! I love anchor and lighthouse yhe most ♥

  2. Love it! I can almost hear the seagull's cries and the waves... I really should visit the seaside again (and it's just a fifteen minute ride by bike so I REALLY should do it now that the weather is improving :)

  3. So pretty! I really love nautical themes in general, and this is gorgeous! Love your little seagull perched on the pier.

  4. All I can say is that I love it. It's beautifullllll Ithi! <3

  5. Just had to say your designs are so amazing, I can't believe how much detail you can pack into them!


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