Colourful Freehand Jazz Nails

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope this week has been going well for you so far.

I've been feeling super, I've so much more energy since I started working out and taking better care of myself. I feel so much more positive, its great what a good pattern can do for you! I'm literally just enjoying everything, I look forward to going to *early* bed so I can get up and have tomorrow!

Today's nails are again prompted by the weekly challenge over at Tiny Canvas. This time our theme was Jazz. In case you didn't know (and it is pretty random, so I forgive you if not!) April 30th is international jazz day.

At this point my mind did an absolute blank and I had no idea what to paint; And then.. I turned to myself and said... “Ithi, If Jazz was a colour, what colour would it be?

The answer my friends.. Is.. ALL OF THEM!

While I did this nail art I had access to more space which meant I could leave my light studio intact as I painted. As a result you can see this in different stages of its creation! Wahoo.

Here's some of the pictures taken during this paint session.  Click on them to englarge!

 I decided to go for a really bright and bold background using my 'felt tip pen' brush to add different shades of acrylic paints on top of each other. I really liked how this looked, even on its own! 

I decided to add some pieces of gold leaf/foil to represent the colours of the instruments. I didn't want to go painting them indivudally but I felt like I needed something to represent them still.

Wanna see what did I use to create this nail art? 

This is what I call my typical line up for anything containing rainbows! I can't help it, guys. Its an addiction. Rainbows, rainbows, more rainbows!!

What do you think of my colourful jazz nail art? Have you created music nails before, if so was it for a select genre? - Also let me know if you want me to do more posts like this.

Thank you all for visiting, I hope you have a wonderful day! :) Don't forget to let me know what you think of this nail art. I'll catch you again on Saturday!




  1. I am glad that you feel good. As about your nailart it looks so joyful a pretty that I can not take my eyes of them. Great one as always!

  2. Your intro fits your manicure perfectly: all happy and bubbly... awesome job (and I'm so happy you're feeling better, I'm wearing a huge grin while typing this)

  3. Looks great! Love the background colors <3

  4. Hey happy to hear you are feeling good. Music wise I dont like jazz but Love your manicure. Its colorful and very detail and neat :)


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