Freehand Barbershop Quartet Penguin Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How ya doing on this wonderful Wednesday? I hope you are doing just dandy.

I've been keeping very active and super busy since I got back in the Netherlands, my step count has been around the 15k mark each day which makes me happy.

Today's nail art probably doesn't need any fanning. The theme for the weekly challenge over at Tiny Canvas this week is Penguins.

I'm not quite sure where the idea came from but I really wanted to paint some plump little chicks in barbershop quartet outfits! So thats what I do'ed. Yes I said Do'ed.  Sadly I sorta rushed these as they were my last nail art while I was in England.

For this manicure I began with my OPI Nail Envy base coat and once dry applied two coats of Maybelline's 'Dusty Rose' which came in a 'blush' duo my mum spoilt me with. I added a thin coat of my Pro-FX top coat to create a nice smooth barrier and began to move onto my freehand, creating white egg shapes to form the bodies of my penguins. Next I added all the details using my fave 'WhatsUp Nails' brush.

If I am entirely honest this manicure was a little rushed.. I think that's pretty obvious. I was excited to go spend time with my family so for that reason we'll overlook the sloppiness. Family First!

Because there were only four penguins I decided to add some musical notes on top because.. what else? I debated fish but I thought that would be too reminiscent of my first penguin nail art.

What do you think of my singing penguins, what songs do you think they sing? Have you created penguin nail art before?

Have a lovely day my dears! Thank you for visiting! I'll be back on Saturday for some more nail art fun.



  1. They are so cute :) Have a great day!

  2. so so so so cute ... you are so talented :)

  3. Omg this is the most adorable thing ever! Your freehand is amazing <3

  4. Ohh!! Where can I get a ticket to a concert by this quartet? I would love to see them singing the Holly Holiday song from Mary Poppins, completely with the penguin dance (I know that's not barber quartet repertoire but it was the very first thing that popped in my head when I saw your manicure :)

  5. Oh my, that's so gorgeous, such cute little penguins :D

  6. No idea what they sing but they're definitely cute!

  7. Awww.. they are so adorable! <3

  8. this is super cute! I love the penguins and hope you had a great time with your family! :)

  9. Omg these are adorable! Did you know that my dad sings in a barbershop quartet?


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