Freehand Cadbury Cream Egg Nail Art With 3D Gel Drips & Spoon

Allo Polish Pals!
I hope you are having an awesome day! Do you have anything nice planned over the weekend? Are you celebrating Easter in any way, or is it just a normal Sunday for you?

Sometimes holidays can be hard to post as I hate the idea of upsetting people who may believe in different religions. I'm absolutely not religious but I hate the idea of offending people..

So today I am going down the chocolate route and actually giving myself a taste of nostalgia as I used to eat Cadbury Cream Eggs when I was a child, I would get so excited when the shops would start selling them. I can't really eat chocolate any more nor would I really enjoy eating it but I thought it would make a fun idea for nail art!

For this design I began by using my OPI 'Nail Envy' base coat. Next I applied two coats of Probelle's 'Textured Purple' polish to all my nails. I then used my brushes and acrylic paints to paint the freehand Cadbury cream eggs and ruffian in white and yellow around my cuticles.

I then took a little of my Bluesky gel polish to create some 3D drips to my middle and ring fingers, once this was cured under my lamp and wiped clean I painted them in white and yellow to look like the sugary yolk. I then used a small amount of top coat to attached the miniature 3D spoon (which actually came with a tiny pot of flocking powder I won – I'd wanted to use it for ages!)
I finished it all off by adding my Barry M 'Matte' top coat.

I'll tell you something – having your nails stuck together makes for really awkward hand poses! I was glad to free them after I'd taken pictures.

What do you think of these totally inconvenient nails? Have you done any egg nails before?
I hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned. I will see you again on Monday for some more nail art fun!



  1. Chocolate eggs... yum!!! That's a manicure that's always a winner in my book ;) (and the little spoon looks adorable, if highly impractical)

  2. Wow, that's such a lovely idea for a mani, I love chocolate and this looks awesome :D
    Well, I suppose that I spend Easter as the majority of Poles does, with all the traditions and such, with my family :)

  3. Hahaha that's a fun mani, I love it :D it's adorable!
    Actually I really like these creamy eggs, I buy them almost every year :-p
    We're not really celebrating Easter, just having some nice days together with my husband and my dog Sunni (btw, she's doing really good at the moment, she's so happy and lively and recovered so good!)

  4. I love this mani, it's gorgeous :D

  5. That spoon takes this to the next level!

  6. Oooooo what a creative one...Amazinggg! <3


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