Freehand 'Chillax' Floral & Butterfly Nail Art On Mirror Chrome

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you had a fantastic week and have lots of great things to look forward to this weekend? I've had so much time to catch up with my Niece, Nephew and my other family members. Today I am going to a big play park with them that looks like a pirate ship!

Today's nail art contains mirror chrome powder, thanks to a very dear and talented friend who sent it for me to try out! This is some what of a miracle because I just could not get it right. Then I discovered I was not supposed to use the sort of gel top coat that needs to be wiped – which is all I had. Due to using the wrong top coat I didn't achieve the full mirror effect.

I still don't have the proper top coat but somehow these came out 'ok-ish' which... with the wrong products.. how!? But OK, It'll do for now!

So I began this manicure by applying my OPI Nail Envy Base and once dry used my Catrice Black Noir Creme polish. I then applied the chrome powder and cured it under my gel lamp for around 30 seconds.

I then removed the tacky layer and created my freehand on top using my acrylic paints – while my mirror isn't perfect I do love how much of an interesting base it created for nail art! I don't think this is one of the best manicure's I've ever created but it was fun to try something new. Once I get the top coat I need I'll be trying it again!

What do you think of this mirror/freehand combination? Have you tried chrome powders yet?

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends. Thank you for visiting, I'll catch you again on Monday.


  1. If you had told me you were going to flowers and butterflies on a silver base I would have been less than enthusiastic, but this is gorgeous! I'd like to order a bunch of those flowers for my backyard, please ;)

  2. I love how the flowers look over the mirror polish! So gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh..that's beautiful...especially your thumb. :-)


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