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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today, I hope your weekend is taking a fabulous start. Do you have anything nice planned?

All the guys are out at a darts game today so the house will be nice and quiet, I always take advantage of this time to get things done around the house and of course some nail art time.
I'm also really looking forward to working out today as I had to have a rest day yesterday which left me feeling lazy and fidgety all day!

Today I have some water decals to share with you from the Born Pretty Store, these are '2Patterns Chic Flower Nail Art Water Decals – BP-W10' and I thinkthey are super for spring/summer! 

This water decal pack comes in a pack of two designs which apply in the usual water decal manner. I did notice one thing about these water decals – the green design was slightly a little too small width wise to fit my thumb nail although I do think my thumb nails are
rather wide!

These water decals come as a very different looking set, one side has a beautiful fresh green design that features doodle-y flowers, hearts, lines and swirls and offers a very cute look.

The second has a more artistic looking design featuring poppies with splashes of colour through them. I really love how the colourings of this pattern are not perfect, it gives a really sweet, unique and creative touch to the design.

I decided this time to just wear these decals simply. The first design I am wearing features the green set. For someone reason I really wanted to see this with 'Be Awesome tonight!' by Essence's cute pink nail polish - I am not even a huge fan of pink and green together.. To add a simple and elegant touch I added a sort of doubled ruffian border to the this manicure.

I am wearing the second design simply over Barry M's 'White' polish. I had considered adding glitter to the tips but I really didn't want to detract from the beauty of the pattern. How would you have worn this pattern?

Overall I really like both patterns and think they make a really lovely choice for nail art and even accent nails during the warmer months. But you guys know I don't follow seasonal trends so these would even be great for warming your nails and soul up in winter!

What do you think of this decal set? Which pattern do you prefer?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, let me know what you get up to! Thank you so much for visiting. I'll catch you again on Monday for some more freehand nail art.



  1. Love those decals! So,delicate and lovely!

  2. I can't really choose... I like both patterns. I don't think I would wear the green one with pink, even though it looks cute. I think I would wear it with a darker teal (not too dark though). I would probably wear the poppies the same way you did, or maybe combined with a creme in the exact same color as the flowers or the leaves.

  3. They are so cute... I'd wear them with pleasure.

  4. Both patterns look beautiful :)


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