Chameleon Glitter Paillette Shinning Starry Foils Nail Art Powder

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Allo poliish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Happy Flappy, fluprin' weekend to you all! - do you feel like you need the weekend right about now? I hope you have something nice planned. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my Dutch family. I think its going to be positively busy which has been the running theme for this week.

Today I am showing you another product from, this is 'Nail ChameleonGlitter Paillette Nail Sequins Shinning Starry Foils Nail Art Powder' in J2106-2C which is a bluey/violet purple/pinky powder – it may remind you of something I used recently but to make this post a little more interesting (Yoda, anyone?) I have included a video on how to use these powders since they are so easy. Gel phobes, look, its not so scary.
I'm trying really hard to practice making videos. I know its something I should have been doing since.. forever ago but when it comes to freehand my painting hand gets in the way of the shots no matter how hard I try, haha! Also my pesky fingers don't sit still.

Music track 'Warm Up Suit' is copyright Broke For Free

The full pot - you get a generous amount.

In these posts they hold approximately 0.15-0.2g each which may not seem like a lot, but trust me. A little goes a looong way. It comes with its own eyeshadow applicator so all you will need is your own gel top coat and UV lamp.

You'll notice in the video as I go to dip my application into the flakey powder bits fly off everywhere. After I made the video...and this is kinda cool...I noticed that if you just hold the applicator as close as possible to the flakes they will fly up and stick to the applicator as if magnetic. It saves a whole bunch of mess too!

So I really like these flakes, they are more purple than the last ones I used and I think when paired to nail art they can look awesome. My only qualm with showing you these is that I worry I a not using the best possible base colour to truly show them off – but do you really want to see it just on top of black?

Overall I am so happy with this nail art powder. Its such a fun look and there are so many possible endings depending on what you begin with on your nails. Imagine doing a small amount over seran wrap nail art! I am so happy with the ease of use, even for a gel novice like myself I am finding the process forever easier and easier upon use. If you are looking to expand techniques and want to try something new then I highly recommend these!

What did you think of this nail foil powder? Did you find my video helpful?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends, Thank you so much for stopping by today. Its always great to see you guys :) I'll be back again on Monday.



  1. These looks very pretty and your video makes the entire application process as easy as can be *still fighting to stay away from the gel side... not buying a lamp, no, not doing it...*


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