Freehand Sleepy Little Fairy Nail Art

Allo polish Pals,

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a great weekend, did you do anything fun? We had family over for fathers day and the sun was ba-ba-beating! All in all it was a good weekend.

In case you guys may have noticed.. I sorta played around with the blog theme again. I'm honestly not too sure if it'll stick, I really like certain parts but not others. Let me know if you like it, or have any trouble with it. Your opinion is important to me :)

Today's nail art was inspired for the weekly challenge over on Tiny Canvas. This week's prompt is fairy nail art – this is not my first fairy, you can see my last two here: The Fairy Village and The Butterfly Fairy (Now I look at this and shudder!)

I'm currently like...200?+ polishes out. Acrylics are also missing from my stash.. I'll explain another time but basically during this period my painting collection is minimal.

Look at my little fairy! I think she is tired for all her fairy duties – who said being a fairy is easy work? Shall we give her a name? Nousha.. Nousha the sleepy fairy :)

I had hoped for more shades of greens in this manicure but as I mentioned I am really limited on what I actually have available right now. Still – with some acrylics comes the joys of colour mixing. I feel like with acrylic art the possibilities are endless.

The dark green polish I used is China Glaze's 'Well Trained' which was gifted to me by a very dear friend. I think it works beautifully as a forest floor. I also used my OPI Nail Envy and my PRO-fx top coat. I finished off with my Barry M Matte top coat.

What do you guys think of Nousha? Have you made any fairy nail art before, I'd love to see it!

Have a beautiful day my loves, thank you for visiting. I'll catch you again on Wednesday for some more nail art fun! 



  1. Absolutely gorgeous Ithi!! Nousha is the cutest fairy every...sleeping or awake! xo

  2. Awww, that little fairy is adorable! I love the color palatte in this mani, and the fairy's sweet little mushroom cap!

  3. How pretty this manicure sweetie! I like a lot the new style of the website, it is so clear and relaxing, well done! A big hug,

  4. Its amazing. The fairy came out really good. Love the details especially the flowers :D The new layout is cool :)

  5. The design is so pretty and I can not stop to look to all the details you made. Your fantastic!
    As about the blogs layout, well I miss the colorful and personalized header, but all the rest is nice.

  6. Oh yes, I noticed the change in your blog theme, and I like it. Between I am feeling great visiting this place after a looong gap. Don't wanna miss your post anymore. This mani is among my favourite of yours. It's more realistic. And of course I love that tired little fairy. Let her take proper rest, so that she wake up with more energy to fulfil her duties. ;-)

  7. Ohh, Nousha is such a cutie ♥ I love your mani, and as always I'm impressed with your awesome freehand skills :O

  8. I like it! Both the new blog theme and the fairy... oh, alright, the fairy even more than the theme but that's only because I really liked the old theme as well with the bottle etc. but this more subdued theme makes your nails shine even more so that's a good thing :)
    And I'm so in awe you managed to do your fairy with very limited resources, great job!!


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