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Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I don't know about you but the weather here is just beeeaaautiful!
I had the most lovely surprise yesterday when a dear friend and fellow blogger surprised me with a package containing healthy but delicious cookies, they were SO good!!! 

I also made a total loss of 10kg, or 1.5 st since that doctors appointment back in mid April. I'm actually pretty pleased with myself as its all been through healthy ways.

Anyway... Today I am showing you some more of those spectacular flakes from the BornPretty Store, these are 'Galaxy Laser Holo Flakes Glitter Powder Paillette' – but ya know what makes these special?...

These are H O L O! Hello, now you are awake. :)

If you've seen my recent post on these types of foil/powder flakes you'll see just how easy these are to apply. Yes, you do need gel polish but no you don't gotta be spendin' days soaking them off if you apply a peel off base coat first. If you want to see how I applied this stuff take a lil look *here*.

These flakes are indeed very similar to some I have shown you previously but these are... yep, you already know... HOLO! The rainbow shift on these are absolutely stunning, no joke, I really couldn't take my eyes off of them and I urge you, I beg you, I swear you have to see my video to really see how beautiful it is! The holographic affect is so strong and so striking. I am wearing it simply over my Catrice black just to show you the flakes better.

I believe my container holds around 0.2g, while it is not full to the top it is quite a lot considering that you don't need to have loads to get a good affect on your nails. I barely took any out of the pot to apply these. Based on my experience I totally would love to get myself another pot because.. I wanna wear this a lot! They also come in 0.5g and 1g. 

Overall I am in love love love with this product and I will be actively trying to stop myself from using it every other manicure. It is so easy to apply and the effect is outstanding. I'd say this has done a better job than even some glitter polishes I've tried.

What do you guys think of this holo flakey goodness? Do you like the finished result?

You are awesome, did you know that? I hope you have a beautiful day, thank you for visiting. I'll be back on Monday with some more nail art fun!



  1. Wow... congratulations!!! You really should be proud of yourself. That's almost 7 kg in a month :)

    Those flakies Look so pretty! I'm still resisting the growing urge to buy gel polish though ;)

  2. Oh, those are so gorgeous! Love them!

  3. Love flakes. Mine arrived yesterday and I hardly can wait to try them and show them off :)
    You should be proud of yourself, such goals are hard to achieve and you did it. I wish I would have your strength! Laitly I am just gaining weight :(

  4. This is gorgeous and spacey!

  5. Oh wow congratulations Ithi...You are such a dedicated girl. 10 Kg...Amazing...I think this mani is perfect to celebrate.. ;-)


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