6 Colours Luminous Graffiti Glow In The Dark Nail Art Powder - Born Pretty Store Review

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Allo polish pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope the weekend got you recharged and ready to go for a happy and fun week ahead?

My parents came home and had a whole bunch of lovely polishes and delicious olives for me from Greece and I surprised my mum with a lovely bouquet of flowers. I also got to spend more time with my niece and nephew which is always lovely. I got my nail polish and nail art storage ordered! I'll update you with pictures when its all finished!

Today I have another item from the Born Pretty Store to share with you; This is '6 Colours Luminous GraffitiGlow In The Dark Nail Art Powder' and let me tell you... these don't only glow, they burn through your retina's!!! ..in a good way of course.

It looks pretty normal worn alone.. ;)
These arrived all in individual little bags and contained the following colours, one white, two pink shades, a green, yellow and a powdery blue. Each little pot contains approximately 3.8g-5g which is actually quite a lot – you'd get quite a lot of use out of these. I was AMAZED with how glowy these really were, I hadn't know what to expect but this
far exceeds the glowability of any glow in the dark polishes I've ever tried.

To get these babies to be super charged I merely held my hand/pots under my photography light for a few seconds, the glow is SUPER intense and so, so cool. I wish I had come up with some kind of clever design but I was having a brain-fart kind of day and unluckily I couldn't see what I was painting properly as I did these in the evening. For that reason I am unhappy with my acrylic-gradient...it doesn't even look much different between red/orange :C Note to self, buy desk lamp.

Application wasn't overly complicated. I knew I'd be using gel so I went ahead and applied my NYC peel off base coat first. I applied two coats China Glaze's 'White On White' (my new favourite white) and once dry I got to work on adding the powders.

To add the powders I mixed a small amount of the powder on a piece of foil and mixed with a small amount of my Born Pretty Store UV Soak Off Gel Top Coat. I then proceeded to brush this onto my nails and cure with my UV lamp. I repeated this step two or free times. I finished it off by adding a thin coat of gel top coat and cured a final time.

Final Feels? What do you think of this powder? I feel like Born Pretty Store are really showing us that gels can be so much fun and not quite as scary as people think! I really like these powders and I can't wait to think of more ideas where these will rock a design so hard! 

 What do you think of my glowy pin wheel? Have you tried glow powder before?

Thank you for stopping by, have yourself an awesome day. I'll see you again on Wednesday for what looks like booby-nail art. Niiiice.



  1. This is so neat!! I've never even heard of glow powder before (yeah, I know, I live under a rock ;) ) but it looks awesome. I'm pretty sure my nieces would love this too, scaring each other with ghostly glowing nails at night :D

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce! I hadn't heard of it either so I just had to try it when I saw it! :D You've given me an idea for my Nieces holiday now!

  2. Wow, what a strong glow and your nails look cute. Have you managed to sleep at night without looking at your glowy nails? :)

    1. Thankyou, Andrea! In all honesty, no! I sort of scared myself with them, haha!

  3. How, lovely! I bet my sister will love this candy nail style!

  4. Super cool! The glow on those powders is amazing!

  5. Whoaa!! I'm so happy that you used glow in the dark powder for your recent nail art too!!! xD Your design is super FUN!! And it looks even more awesome in the darkness! I always have tough time capturing the "glow" with my camera, but you did an AMAZING job!!!

  6. This is some of the best glow I've seen!

  7. Wowww...it's so mesmerising. <3


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