Fiery Love Nail Polish (9ml) - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes however I will as always give my full and unbiased opinion.

Allo polish Pals!

I hope you are all doing great today. Thank you so much for all your support, it been lovely to read the comments across platforms and its really helped me maintain positivity!

Yesterday my almost 5 year relationship came to an end. Its hard. Its really hard. I don't want to keep making you guys feel like you come here for bad news so from here on its going to be positive notes. Or do I blog it all? Feedback on how much I post is welcome. I may set up a side blog.

Today I have another Born Pretty Store review, I'll be showing you an interesting polish called 'Fiery Love' which I think will perhaps please those interested in flakes without wanting the hassle of using gels.

This polish is a clear based flaky phenomenon in a 9ml bottle! Looking at the bottle it shifts beautifully through greens and blues, golden oranges to reds. Its mezmerising! I think this is one of those polishes that relies heavily on what you pair it with. I imagine a blue based polish would bring out the greens and blues more. I am wearing it over a deep burgandy polish which really bought out the greens, golds and warmer shades.

I had initially planned to show you it on a black polish however my black seems to have gotten lost in all the moving – as did a few things I am beginning to notice..

Application was fine and the dry time was rather impressive. I only needed one coat to get this amount of flakes on my nail. I think this polish will be a blessing to those who do not want to use gels and loose flakes on their nails. I think the result is just as pleasing. Overall I am really impressed and would certainly try out the other polishes in this series after trying this one.

What do you guys think of this colour shifting wonder? Would you wear a polish like this?

Have a fantastic day guys, thank you so much for stopping by. I'll be back on Saturday with some more nail art.



  1. This polish is just georgeus! I must try one of them (blue) ;)

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you ended your relationship. Be strong and I am sure the future will bring you just the best. As about the polish, it is a flakie bomb, which I like.

    1. Thank you, Andrea <3 To be honest.. I've been SO busy which has really helped maked everything easier. I am not good at sitting around at the best of times. I like flakie bombs too, love the term!

  3. So. In. Love. This is one uber-gorgeous polish!

    And anything you want to share is fine with me. Life isn't always sunshine and roses. Tears, complaints and rants are part of it too and if you feel you need to write about it, please do so! Trouble shared is trouble halved, or at least that's what my mom always told me (after which teenage-me wanted to run out of the room and be anywhere but there, but (more)-adult-me thinks she was absolutely right in making me talk ;)

    1. I know, right, Joyce?! Sometimes I am looking at it and I'm undecided as theres so many shades going on but then I fall all over again. I think your right but the moving post was theraputic to write, after things building up for weeks it was great to be able to just get it all out and say the things I wish I had said to myself sooner. I am glad you don't mind those kind of posts and also I am grateful to have met you and have such a supportive and friendly soul in my network :) <3

  4. The polish looks absolutely amazing. I am in love with it.
    I am sorry to hear about that your relationship ended. Sending you lots of warm hugs and much love :)

    1. This polish is racking up admirers everywhere! Thank you Rosy, everything will be ok but I'm greatful for your sweet comment <3 :)

  5. I'm keeping you in my thoughts as you go through this hard time. Remember, time heals all wounds! Also, this is one gorgeous nail polish!

  6. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a strong girl and I want you to look forward. I agree with JFloColman time heals all wounds. You can share anything you feel here. Just be positive. That's a lovely polish dear. :-)


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