Freehand Floating Feather In The Night's Sky

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today?

I hope your week is going well? Things are just plodding along here, all in a positive way of course! All my polishes are organised and in their new home. I'm still debating between two ways of showing you all, a short video? Or maybe I'll just go live on Instagram, hang out for a bit (I'd be so nervous) answer any questions and just see what happens... I'll let you know here what I decide before I do it in case you would like to join in.

Today's nail art is one of those 'eh.. meh' designs, you guys are always kinder about them then I am so I continue to show them! I just wish I hadn't done the feather as a weird point, I forgot about the top part being separate.. opps.

I began with my usual base of OPI's Nail Envy and once dry applied two thin coats of Barry M's 'Blackberry'. I added a thin coat of my Pro-FX top coat to create a nice layer to paint on top of and moved in with my scruffy (no other name for this monstrosity) brush and metallic acrylics, dotting and layering colours on top of each other to create my sky. I used my fave WhatsUpNails brush for the feather and detailing. Finally I sealed it all in with two more thin coats of Pro-FX top coat and added Barry M's matte top coat which suited it perfectly.

This is what I describe as pleasant nail art.. its not 'bad' per say but its not exactly very exciting either! Ah well!

What do you think of this night time nail art? Have you ever had a feather of some kind on your nails?

Have a wonderful day my friends, thank you for visiting. I'll be back on Saturday for a slightly different type of post.



  1. I think it turned out beautiful. I love the details on feather. and the galaxy background is stunning :)

  2. Weird? Meh?? Really??? All I see is a beautiful galaxy background with a perfectly fluffy feather :)

    Going live on Instagram sounds fun but do whatever feels good to you. It's not as if you're obliged to share (except what you did for storage but you can even write that down in words... as long as you make sure you do it as I'm way too curious by now ;)

  3. Very pretty!! The details are amazing.

    I did have a chuckle at your description of pleasant nail art -- I know just what you mean, and thank goodness for others' fresh perspectives. LOL

  4. Very lovely! I love the color variation in the background!

  5. Woow! This mani has a magical look!! :D

  6. It's perfectly fine, that feather too. Just beautiful. :-)


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