Freehand Unicorns & Holo Glitter Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend – did you do anything fun?
I've got my storage! And I love it! But I'm not showing you just yet :) What I'd thought I'd do is actually make a video showing you how I am storing everything - even nail art bits. Good idea? Let me know!

This week I'll start organising my documents. I wont really be looking for work until September (I'm miracle Auntie Ithi who can help over the summer holidays) but I can get everything organised and get my CV written. Can I not just go work for Barry M or something? Ideal role? – polish namer! Polish over-see-er? If only!

Today's nail art is one I am not really too happy with. I ended up doing it twice, both entirely different and both left me a little displeased but I've learnt to let you guys be the judge – your a lovely bunch. If your a Tiny Canvas member I'm sure you'll be seeing a whole kingdom of unicorns currently!

The reject.
Why didn't I like these? I just feel like the magic is missing.. even with the holo glitter which I struggled and failed to capture well just didn't give it that special touch.. Hrm.

I'll tell you more about the second (the one I'm focusing on) I decided to do two unicorns together would be a fairly nice sight. I'd like to imagine they are grooming and giving each other little kisses :3 The holo glitter is from the Born Pretty Store and I applied it by dabbing it on top of my wet top coat, probably wasn't the best way.

Which design do you like best? Have you ever had unicorn nail are before ? - feel free to link it!

 Thank you for stopping by! I hope you liked today's post. I'll catch you again on Wednesday for some more nail art.



  1. I like the first mani way better than the second one. The second is interesting too, but the trees stand out more than the unicorns. But the 'magic' is there in both of them in my opinion. I already am curious about your storage video!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I think I agree with you there. I think I focused too hard on the background. I'm glad I've got you intruiged by the video!

  2. These are both lovely! I think my favorite is the top one; the visual is very strong and the unicorns stand out so beautifully. Gorgeous work!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachelle for your kind words. Tbh how couldn't anyone want unicorns with holo? :D

  3. The first design is super awesome

  4. So adorable! I prefer the first one but I like both. I wouldn't paint like you, no way. I can't.

  5. The glitter in the top one is so gorgeous, I love both of these!

  6. Keeping me in suspense on what you did to store your polish and stuff? No fair!!!!

    I'm another vote for the first manicure. The moment I saw it, it felt peaceful and loving to me, with the unicorns rubbing their necks together. Of course I like the second one too, but that first one just *tries and fails to find the right words... and Google translate isn't much help either*

  7. Oh wow...Two lovely manis...It's like a zoon in and zoom out moments. ;-)


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