How I Store My Nail Polish and Nail Art Items & My Fave Acrylics For Freehand Nail Art - Video

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope you are having an awesome weekend. I'm here on a Sunday! I know, what's going on?! Well I thought I'd bite the bullet..nom nom.. and made a video showing you guys how I store my nail art and nail polishes. I struggled with the intro (and the sizing, what a noob) I am not that confident so I find it so cringey to watch, but HI! Dat me! 

If you are interested in the rainbow drawers they can be found here: HobbyCraft on Ebay.

Overall I am really happy with this new set up. Its been a slow progression after years of cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, plastic boxes..tins.. you name it.

I'm especially happy with the polish drawers. I have really large walls in my room but the idea of a nail polish rack terrifies me – if they fell they'd be ruined! The floor would be ruined! I'm also not a fan of having my polishes in direct sunlight so this fitted my needs perfectly.

What do you guys think of my storage solution? How do you guys store your nail polish and nail related items?

Thanks for dropping by!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll catch you again tomorrow for some more nail art fun!



  1. A lot of beautiful stuff! You`ve organized everything very well.

  2. That looks great! I'm also terrified of nail polish falling from racks so no way I want those on my walls. I'm going to look into those rainbow drawers. They look so cute and cheerful and I think I have just the spot for them on my desk. It would be nice to put away all the miscellaneous junk that is everywhere and pretend to be organized ;) (and drawers for your polish... why didn't I think of that? Lack of space probably, but it's a great solution)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with those fears! I really do love how they look but eh, not worth the risk! Let me know if you get the rainbow drawers, I love mine! I originally wanted them to go on the shelf above my nail polish drawers but I was half a cm off in size, I'll just say.. extra steps on my pedometer, haha. I had trouble with space too, I've never known what to do with that crappy little area so its nice for it to have a use without taking up any more of my precious floor space :)

  3. Rainbow drawers! That is SO awesome!! ♥

  4. Hey pretty organised have arranged everything in a very well manner. Love to see your face in a video. You are looking fab. :-)

  5. You are so cute, no reason to see self-conscious! I love getting to see the face, and hear the voice, behind the blogger. I organize my polished just like you, by color!

  6. Amazing storage idea I really like your arrangement.


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