Freehand Fancy Summer Ice Cream Nail Art On Pastel's

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doo'dling? I hope you are having a fantastic week so far? I can hardly believe the summer holidays are almost over. I feel like a big kid having had the past two months to just settle in and adjust to life. It's almost like I've had a summer break too!

Today's nail art is perfectly summery, even if it doesn't fit the weather we've been having in England – did my return curse the weather? I always love how bright nails can make you feel summery even when the weather refuses to comply.

For those of you who are basking in the sun, help yourself to one of my summer treats!

For this manicure I decided to go as light as possible with my acrylic paints, creating a sort of pin wheel of pastel shades for my summer treats to go on top. My base was Barry M's 'White' (I feel like I'm giving away that I've had this nail art squirrelled away until now) with a thin licking of my Pro-FX top coat. I then used my acrylics on top and decided this manicure was 100% better suited to being matte.

Which one would you want to try? I'm going for the rainbowy looking mixture in the cocktail glass!

Thank you so much for visiting, don't forget to leave your thoughts on this manicure in the comments. Have a beautiful day, see you again on Saturday



  1. It is so pretty, summery and positive this nail art! Smuack!♡

  2. Indeed this is a perfect summer nail art. I like the pastel colors and the hand painted yummy foods look realistic, almost edible :)) Have a nice day.

  3. The chocolate ice cream! I mean, chocolate and ice cream... nothing can beat that, except maybe a second one ;) (sorry for being absent... my week definitely isn't fantastic but it's almost weekend so I'll just keep that in mind as silver lining)

  4. Tasty manicure :) I also can`t believe that summer is almost over...

  5. This painting is perfect. I love everything about this mani.

  6. So delicious manicure. Its looks very realistic and detailed. I absolutely loved it :)

  7. That is fantastic! Your freehand skills are really amazing :)

  8. Eh that's a much needed manicure here...I wish I could have all of them right now in front of's so delicious looking! <3


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