Freehand Gradient & Tropical Sunset Squares Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope you've had an awesome week and an even better weekend planned :)  After a full and eventful week of more babysitting which included some Disney films (Homeward Bound 1 & 2, The Rescuers Down Under) Some lovely nature walks, Playing in the park and lots of duck feeding I am welcoming the weekend. It's lovely to spend so much time with my Niece but I need a recharge!

I feel like I have not painted in forever, so my goal this morning is to get a new design done.
Do you have anything nice planned?

Today's nail art is another summer design. Quick cram them in before I can no longer call it summer! This one is quite odd but I am glad I did it – its 'a lot to look at' but I think it looks kinda cool!

Wanna know something random? This post is my 800th!!!! How is that even possible?!

This was actually one design I did while I was still in Holland.

Each of these little squares were pain painstakingly hand painted.. the gradients took forever as each individual gradient was created with acrylics and a brush.. Phew! But the end result is pretty...BAM! There's about three years of summer all in one design!

What do you guys think of my tropical squares? Does it still feel like summer where you are?

Thank you for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend and I'll see YOU again on Monday, ok?




  1. Happy 800th... ehm... post-iversary!
    Your nails look great and since you kept the color scheme consistent I don't think it's too busy at all. Yep, another beautiful manicure :)

  2. What a marvellous manicure sweetie! I like the colours you used =)

  3. 800 posts, that is amazing!!! :)
    I love the manicure, it's super pretty :)

  4. go girl...800th post...You are outstanding my dear. Congratulations. What a lovely 800th post. <3 <3 <3

  5. These are so warm and lovely. Also, congrats on 800!!!


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