Holographic Magnetic Cat's Eye Gel Polish - Born Pretty Store Review

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend? Go on, tell me one highlight from yours and I'll swap one of mine :) - I got to spend my afternoon playing playdoh which feels like some kind of therapy, Its so relaxing just smooshing stuff together :)

Today I am taking a look at another nail polish from The Born Pretty Store. This is '10ml Holographic Cat Eye Magnetic Soak Off Uv Gel Polish' incolour #3'. This one boasts that you don't need to wear it over a black base!

First of all, I've never used a magnetic polish before so I was interested to try this one out. Not owning any magnetic polishes I didn't have any of those magnetic strips that these polishes come with – and this one was not supplied with one either so I improvised... By using my Niece and Nephew's 'Magnetix toy pieces! 

As soon as I pulled the brush out of bottle I did an huge ZOMG! It looked absolutely stunning on the brush – that's an intense reaction just from seeing it on the brush – of course the bottle is white so you don't get to see the beauty that is hiding inside. The term 'cats eye' suits this polish perfectly as it does give that wonderful illusion and depth.

#3 Is a wonderful warm golden, copper, amber delight. It has a very fine scattered holographic glitter running through it which really adds to its beauty. This nail polish strongly reminds me of the semi precious stone, tigers eye. Are you guys seeing that too?

For application I began by applying my peel off base coat from NYC and once completely transparent I applied a thin coat of the magnetic polish. I cured this under my lamp for a few seconds and applied my second coat. Before curing I then held my magnetic piece along the sides of my nails. You CAN see the magnet doing its magic as your doing it which is pretty cool. I left a straight line straight down my nail to give the polish a more 3D look. I then cured it and applied a thin coat of my Born Pretty Store gel top coat and cured for a final time.

Conclusion? I really love this nail polish. It has such a cool effect and if I paid the full price for this nail polish I would be pretty happy with it. It has a very unique look and attracts tons of admirers. Its also one of those polishes that I couldn't take my own eyes off. Removal felt a little trickier than when I normally use a peel off base but it wasn't too much trouble. A win, win in my eyes!

What do you guys think of this cat's eye nail polish? Have you had a good history with magnetic polishes if you've tried them before?

Have a wonderful day my sweethearts ♥ Thank you so much as always for your visit! I'll catch you again on Wednesday.



  1. Ohhhh... I can imagine your huge ZOMG because I did just that when I saw the first picture. Gorgeous color!! I haven't done much with magnetic polishes but when seeing your nails I want to dig them up again :)

    Oh, and one of the highlights of my weekend was seeing my 3yo nephew "tell" his parents he wanted to play with Grandma's PlayMobil instead of going home and they could come pick him up the next day... He had some "slight" volume control issues and of course all of us had to try and keep a straight face while my sister was doing her motherly duties because you know, pedagogically justified behaviour and such ;)

    1. Exactly! I thought it looked pretty in the store, but daaaang!
      I can't wait to see if you play with your magnetics now, you always come up with such pretty combinations so I am sure it will look great!

      Oh I under5stand that all too well! My 3 year old nephew is exactly the same, very defiant and sure of himself! Its hard trying not to laugh at times when they are trying to work against that sort of behaviour.. but they are hilarious sometimes! I'm glad you got to have a nice time with your family!

  2. Wow! That's an amazing looking colour! I haven't had much luck with magnetic polishes before I found Wycon in Italy - they work for me. :)

    1. I'm glad you think so too! I've never heard of Wycon before, I will have to look them up! I think I could happily add a few more magnetics to my collection! :)

  3. It looks gorgeous! Now I want cat-eye polish ;-)

    1. Oh Gosia! I don't think you would be disappointed in these at all, If I had purchased this one I would have been very happy with my purchase!

  4. Damn, Ithi, this looks SO stunning! I'm really in love with this shade :O

    One highlight of my weekend: I finally bought a new laptop :D and today it's a national holiday where I live and I had the day off yesterday, so for me it's still weekend today :D

  5. How pretty this nail polish!! Smuack

  6. Oh wow these are so beautiful!!

  7. So pretty awesome shade. I have never used magnetic polish. This one looks fabulous. You are wearing it like a pro Ithi. My weekend is hectic as we are having renovation in our house and I am just waiting for everything to finish off asap so that I can have a more organised room.


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