UR Sugar Color Coat Soak Off UV & LED Nail Polish Review

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Allo polish Pals!  
I hope ya all do'odlin' well my Sweetpeas! Is this week going your way?
Yesterday I had a blood test – the first since the doctor said I am pre-diabetic..But I wont get the results until next Tuesday. It's going to be a mission to not worry about it until then but I know any worrying wont change the results. I just have to keep positive in knowing I've made so many lifestyle changes. I've also been looking into how to start my career in the nail industry. although I feel like everything I research contradicts..I'm so lost over it but I wont give up.
Today I have a review for you from URSugar, a store which I have no previous experience with. I decided to try another of those gel posts since I really enjoyed the last one, and am still pretty new to applying them. I thought this would be a great product to review and see if it lived up to the previous one I had tried. This is 'UR Sugar Color Coat UV & Gel Polish in#D012'.

This gel polish comes in a little pink pot containing 5ml worth of gel polish. I was quite impressed with the amount this little pot contained as applying it in very thin, buildable coats mean it will get a lot of use.

This polish could be described between a dusty rose pink/salmon pink. I actually rather like the colour. It's unlike most shades I wear but I think it has a very elegant and sophisticated feel to it. I would imagine this to be a great shade for those who need more subtle colours during their work – without having naked nails.
Application was pretty good. I applied a peel off base coat to start and once that was completely transparent I began added this gel polish. I used a rounded (invaluable) make up brush which meant I could get into all the nooks and crannies of my nails without worrying about getting gel all over my skin and cured under my UV lamp. I repeated this step a second time and cured again.

You may notice that it looks a little thick towards the tip of my ring finger. I think I had too much product on my nails – I honestly think this was my boo-boo and not the polishes fault.

I did notice some bubbles on my nails however I think the brush I used was helping to create the bubbles and it did vanish once I applied my gel top coat. I cured again a final time and BAM. Lady-like, gloss-tastic nails.

I decided to create some really simple nail art on top, I wanted to keep this polishes integrity by creating something that suited the colour, nothing too outlandish or in your face.

I also need to mention the shipping times on the items I am reviewing was also really impressive. It was less than two weeks!

Overall I am really happy with this polish, application wasn't too much trouble, I liked the finished result and I really like the colour. I would totally recommend it to all of you who don't mind wearing gels (even with a peely, such as myself!) I can see my sister wanting to wear this one!

What do you think of this shade? Are there occasions you have to tone down your nails?

Have a wonderful day, ya beauties! Thank you so much for stopping by :) I'll catch you again on Saturday for some more freehand nail art.



  1. So adorable! I could wear this to work and would probably hate to take it off :)

    I know you can do it, the not worrying part I mean, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed the results are great. You know you've been doing everything to live healthy so whatever the results, it's not something you can blame yourself for *gives supporting hug*

    Maybe you could email or call a great nail salon and ask for pointers? I think that's what I would do if I couldn't figure it out with Google etc.

    1. Thank you so much, Joyce! I have really been trying to fingers crossed! <3 I guess your right, blaming myself wont help the situation even if its not the diagnosis I'm hoping for. I'll just have to learn to adapt. *Huge hugs back* I've sent out quite a few emails but nothing yet. I'm hopeful someone will get back to me!

  2. I absolutely loved the manicure. its cute and girly. :) x

    1. Thank you very much, Rosy. Its a bit too tame for my liking!

  3. I really like this mani! That little black bow is so adorable paired with the polka dots!

  4. Was it easy to take off? I would like to try this gel but that last time I used such a cheap product it was hell to remove.

  5. how storng is your lamp? mine is 12W and it won't dry ur sugar gel


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