3D Wooly Yarn & Sweater Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

Are you ready for fall/winter 2017?

Coming to a high street near you this season, stock up on your winter knit wear and cosy apparel. Be ready to rock the cold and shimmy away those shivers.

All geared up? Not quite. Don't forget your nails, who needs cold nails this winter?

Baaaha you guys, I had this idea in my head and I really wanted to make it come true. Before the comments come in about how disgusting this is I just want to remind you that this is really more of an extreme 3D nail art, I would never wear this on a daily basis or for casual wear! I wanted to create something that was simply interesting to look at.

This survived on my nails for all of 10 minutes. I hated the feel of it! Even my cat gave me a disappointing look upon inspection!

 This turned out to be much simpler than I had first thought it would be. My initial idea was to stick the cut up yarn on top of a semi wet top coat but that was really, really messy.

On my second attempt I made some DIY decals and on the final layer I gently lined the cut up yarn on top. I was so surprised that the next day I could easily peel the decals off of the ice cream lid I had created them on. Honestly, I thought that the wool would come off or the decal wouldn't peel off in one smooth piece.

I applied the decals on top of my OPI Nail Envy base coat and used remover and a clean up brush to carefully smooth out the sides and along the free edge of my nails. A tiny splodge of top coat was used to help shape and seal the bottom of my nails.

When I told my mum about my idea she was sceptical, thinking I wouldn't be able to get it to look exactly how I wanted, needless to say she was shocked when she came home from work and saw my fuzzy knitted nails, haha. Now I am looking around the house seeing what I can stick on next!

What do you think of this extreme look, could it become one of those bizarre trends?! What's the craziest nail art you've worn before?

Thank you so much for visiting, Don't forget to say hi in the comments below, I love to read your thoughts. I'll be back again on Saturday for some more nail fun.

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  1. Hi sweetie!! What a great idea you've had and it has turned out super well!!! This is a winter manicure for sure!

  2. I really hope this becomes an obnoxious trend, they are so addicting to see pop up! I love this idea. I hope there will be all types of spins on this!

  3. I dont get to crazy with my nails. The most I'll do every once in a while is a junk nail. If the cat doesnt approve then it's a no lol, cool creativity though.

  4. Definitely Bizarre, but fun. Great for maybe a halloween costume! I barely do my nails, so I can't say if it will be a trend or not.

  5. This is definitely unique and something I have never seen before. Not something I will try but 100 points for creativity.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  6. Hehe, this looks so funny! I'm already thinking of making tiny knitting works using thin yarn that you can stick on your nails as well... the ultimate sweater nails ;) (nope, not going to try it myself... my colleagues are convinced I'm crazy just for wearing green neon nail polish)

  7. Ha ha ha.. This is so hilarious. Your 3d wooly yarn nail art looks so cool and unique.

  8. Well at least it was fun to try. And I do love the color, so there is that :)

  9. I have never seen yarn sweater nail art before! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope to see it trending soon!

  10. Haha... It's gorgeous but I can totally see how it only survive 10 minutes because of the fraying and the feeling when it gets wet! I wonder if there's actually a way to keep it waterproof!

  11. Bwahaha, that's hilarious! I love the fact that the cat wasn't impressed :D

  12. That is hilarious! It reminded me of this Very Special Manicure from some years ago -- do you have a pet? ;-) http://www.vampyvarnish.com/2014/04/cat-fur-manicure-tutorial/

  13. Okkkkkkk, now this is definitely ummm, unique. I normally like your creations. But this one, I'll have to pass on.

  14. Really awesome nails. I wouldn't have thought about using yarn as a nail art.

  15. This is totally different and unique. Looks like it took a lot of time too!

  16. I love your manis more when I see your craziness in it. Can see your efforts. Even though it's a short time wear Mani it will rock for a long here on social media. 👌


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